December 17th, 2013


Oooh! Shiny!

Today's after-work plan was to build the 2014 calendar. But on the front porch was an amazon box, and instead of it only containing the expected BORING toothpaste and body wash, it also had a pair of webcams. Since Monday Night Football was a Baltimore game, it was being caught on Tivo, so I was able to set up the cams in between watching the game and FFing through the commercials. This time of year that's the only way to stay sane.

But it wasn't that simple. I'd forgotten that the firmware update I'd installed in the last one bricked the wifi function, so after setting up all the various settings, I had to go online and grab newer firmware, reset the cam and start all over. Thankfully the new new firmware fixed the problem. Long long long story short, I now have littercam and officecam up and running, and just need to poke holes in the walls and mount them. Tomorrow.

So I didn't even start on the calendar until 10:30 and it took a while to get the cover done. Right now I am uploading 32 photos, six I know will make the final cut, and I'm planning on a whale collage for one more. But I may have to nuke those and crop them. Maybe. I think last year I did that to make captions on the bottoms of the photos, can't remember if that happened because the calendar images are more square than the photos, or if I just had not thought of adding captions in the empty calendar squares.


Frozen dinner was beef stroganoff from N&E. Very small portion, but tasty. Domino licked the bowl. This is new - the last three times I've decided she might like the gravy she actually did. Never did for the past 15 years. Chchchchanges.

Not a very productive evening, but a start.

Two items in the mail, Allstate notice that my rental insurance won't be on auto-pay anymore. Escrow is paying the home insurance for I think 2 years. Maybe more. And my auto insurance notice and proof of card. That is still on auto-pay, not due for more than a month. It went up $5.

Work was almost fun. Team meeting ended with Automation Guy giving me credit for the idea of a major improvement he made in the system. Boss was amused, because it had come up on my end of year self-evaluation by accident.

I was wrong about the WTF from yesterday. The holiday party which I didn't go to was today. People left at about 11:30, I went to lunch at Denny's (Hobbit Hole Breakfast) at 12:30 and was back in an hour, and they were already all back. Not much of a party. The report was the food was good, the raffle prizes were meager and there was no entertainment. But at least they had it somewhere besides the break room.

I kept plowing through the specs, finally got to sections where I knew what they were talking about and all I needed to note were the yellow highlights, which indicated a new or changed feature.

Logitech server was down again this morning. Boo. Hiss. I may switch all of them to the UE interface. Or is it EU? Whatever. I don't sync them anymore because the sync feature only works 100% if all your presets are the same. I like to listen to Thai radio in the bedroom, but not anywhere else, for instance.

In other news, the garbage was picked up at about 8:30 am but not the recycle stuff. Someone had been putting my containers back, maybe they had an arrangement with the previous owner, and recycle didn't get picked up. Today it did, but not till after I was at work.

Plans for tomorrow:
All-hands meeting. Try not to fall asleep
Mount the webcams
Finish the calendar and order the first batch.