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The usual late out of bed, not really late to work. Nothing to do all day. Storm chasers were all offline except for one guy who streams his drive home at 4-ish. Watched 49ers updates on YouTube.

Lunch was beef & grains, strawberries & grapes.

Nothing to do at work so I looked online for a couple of kitchen items. My 8" omelet pan and its glass cover got destroyed a week or two ago when I left the rear burner on, thought I'd turned on the front one. Tried to make an omelet the other day and the non-stick surface is now non-non-stick. And the cover is amber instead of clear. No luck.

Also decided it would be better to make the fried onions for the chopped liver using a deep fryer instead of a cast iron skillet. After much research into air fryers, most of which were in the > $100 range, I settled on a $49 electric deep fryer.

Charged the car at 4:30, it was done when I left at 5:45. Nail appointment on time, had to wait 5 minutes. No one to flirt with this time. No eye candy. Monday is a major walk-in day, and one walk-in was wearing very short shorts, but she had a butt the size of a small former Yugoslavian country.

Chose lighter, brighter blue nail color, we had to go a little darker than first chosen to hide a bruise under one nail.

Safeway, bought 6 huge onions. I almost bought some Crisco to fry them up with until I remembered the deep fryer is on its way. I was sure I had a gallon of oil in the cabinet with the gallon of vinegar, so did not buy any**. Also found a week's worth of frozen lunches. Safeway has made some major changes and a lot of my favorites are no longer in the freezer section. They did have chocolate mochi, though. Also bought limes - they were the size of baseballs, almost. Last time they were tiny. And band aids, I had run out of the size I like. They even had them with Neosporin®. Wearing one now.

Home, nothing delivered, nothing in the mail except junk.

Most of the day Spook hung out on top of the kitchen tree, but when I got home she was under the coffee table. Soon moved to the piano room platform. Spot has been climbing the kitchen tree. I removed the curtain over the top window so the cats can see outside. They can see out from the window sills, too.

I bought some hummus & tzatziki for the falafel,  thinking that would be dinner, but instead finished off the greben and the first container of chopped liver. Need to take the second container out of the freezer. No rush. Ought to fry onions first.

Online again, BB&B with some searching (their new web site SUCKASUCKASUCKS) bought a replacement for the omelet pan & lid.

Watched the end of MNF, and then PTI. And the news that 49ers QB is out for the season. Not worried, they have a good backup. But with that O-line, he's gonna be in trouble.

Some people are saying Kaepernick is available, but that's insane. His whole charade was because he washed out and they took his starting position away from him. He has since IMHO redeemed himself politically, but as a QB he would be a massive FAIL. There are plenty of teams which would hire him if he wasn't a washout as a player.

Dessert was 3 mochi.

**Checked the cabinet, no oil. :-(

Weekly refill of the meds containers done.

Edit add: Comcast network connection went out on me as I was writing this. Had to have them reset the modem, then I needed to reboot the router.

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