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Weird Dream Channel

I'm on a plane going from the mainland to an island. It's a bright sunny day, the seat I am in is one of those "window" seats where the window is two feet forward of the seat. I'm alseep until I feel the plane making its sharp descent to the island's short runway. My camera is in my hand. I see from the window a great shot of the mainland city across the water. I lean forward so I can shoot out the window, but things are going by a little too fast. I try to focus, but nothing happens. Maybe the lens cap is on? I feel at the front of the lens with my hand, but there's no lens cap. Of course not, this is an SLR camera, if the lens cap was on I would see black instead of the scene in the viewfinder. And besides, things are in focus, I just have to pan the camera because we're moving. Sleep has addled my brain. So I line up the shot, pan, and just as I'm about to snap the photo

my automatic timer turns the bedroom light on, my radio alarm goes off and the dream goes poof!

I have no idea what island or city this was.

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