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Wait and wait some more

So Boss brings someone into the lab while I'm coming back from lunch and explains how Boss is going to turn it into a major production, and she has been given permission to hire 5 people for next year, and will need more space. In a week or two we will be three of us, and Boss says third person will get the half of the lab I am not in. All this is news to me. Not a huge issue for me, because I'm only there for 2.5 more months.
Start of the day, Boss comes in and asks me to set up the crap TV yet again, she is going to get, finally, the Official Signed Build™® from the Official Android Build Site which the manufacturer has put there. And I am to run all the required manual tests and all the automated tests on that build. Sounds like a plan, should take 2-3 days.

To make sure she gets the right one, she needs the name of the file - which I message to her (I have three previous versions on my server). And then she needs my crap TV's serial number, which I take a photo of from the back panel and email it to her. Just for grins I also take a photo of the serial number in the About Box, which is 12345678.

Boss comes running in and says she just looked at NP's crap TV, and it's About Box says 12345678 also. And that all 20 or so crap TVs which we have around the building are 12345678. It is the About Box number, not the back panel number, which is used for updating. Without a unique s/n in the About Box matching the back panel s/n, she says we cannot do the upgrade. That number is hard-coded, and only the manufacturer can correct it.

So after all the excitement, it seems manufacturer needs to come in and apply the correct s/n to all the TVs we plan to upgrade & test. This will probably take days or weeks.

So instead of having a Project™, I have nothing.

The good news is the storm chasers had actual storms to chase, and someone showed me multitwitch.tv, which lets me put as many streamers in one window as I want. So I did that on the PC, can't do it on the TV app.

Also played some tile matching and some solitaire, not very successfully.

Lunch was mac & beef from a new brand Safeway had. Low sodium because small portion. Strawberries for dessert. Cut up a peach too but it tasted like sawdust. Substituted grapes.
Early morning start, AG phoned way early, I had to call him back. 15 minutes early to work, we chatted until it was time for me to go inside. I filled him in on the party he missed, and he told me almost nothing about the weddings he went to, and the ceremony for his dad's one year deathaversary.

5 pm, plugged in the car - 5:30 almost fully charged. Recruiter called while I was in bad traffic so I pushed the ignore button. I listened to his voicemail after I got home, he said nothing, just asked me to call back, which I did. Left a message. I'm pretty sure he's going to say I'm not hired.

Grocery outlet, bought 4 bottles of Crisco veg oil. 1.4 liters each - they didn't have any gallon size.

Home. Nothing in the mail, the rent/util bill was in the park slot, and the Nest thermostat cost me more than last month. I am not pleased. It keeps firing up the aircon when I don't need it.

Dinner was warmed up falafel doused with Tzatziki sauce and dipped in hummus. Three to start, then the remaining two. Much better than dry. Watched PTI. Mochi for dessert.

It's not as sunny on the commute these days, so I applied the sunburn exfoliant after dinner. It's supposed to have similar effect to liquid nitrogen. We'll see. This morning I had not quite hidden the splotches of white with stage makeup. 

When I got home, Spook was on top of the kitchen tree, and later moved onto the window ledge. But after a while Spot became a brat and got into a fight with her, but after hiding under the coffee table and the piano room platform she got up onto the top of that platform. All day the cams showed her on top of the kitchen tree and Spot was either out of sight, on the window ledge, or on the recliner.

Webcams are at http://www.howeird.com/webcams.html.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be bored
Deep fryer should arrive. If it's there in time, fry some onions.
Subscription items due from Amazon but two of them seem to be lost in transit.

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