Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Surprises. Good and Awful

Up 10 minutes before the alarm, but chased videos on the tablet for almost an hour before getting out of bed. Spot blocked my exit. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. He weighs a ton and doesn't take a hint.

While I was in bed, Amazon delivered the deep fryer. Big surprise, they usually don't deliver in the morning. Hauled the box inside for later.

Traffic was traffic, I was at work by 9:20. Only used 1/4 battery so no need to plug in.

No word from recruiter, but that is not a huge surprise because I don't think he has good news. If he did, he would be calling 4x a day.

Email from current contract agency was no help at all. Most of their jobs at the moment are at "a search engine leader" which means I'm out of the running.

Peace Corps alumni friend who manages a Google app sent me a message that she was at a meeting in my building, tried to find me but I wasn't there. I moved from my official desk to a well hidden corner. I didn't see her message for half an hour because my test app hides my message app.  Unfortunately, she had to get back to her office for another meeting, but she said she now has a lot of stuff going on with Android engineers, so I'll probably see her soon enough.

Nice surprise, the build for Crap TV which I had expected to take weeks was available this morning. I ran all the manual tests, found bugs in two of the tests and one bug in the TV. Automated tests got started at about 5. I stayed till 6.

Lunch was a Google chicken rice bowl, which was pretty good. Earlier in the week they only had veggie rice bowls. No thanks. Strawberries for dessert - half from home, half from the break room.

Checked Facebook, saw a note of a new message on the Friends of Thailand page. Shocked to find that Carolyn Nickels, founder and long time president of FOT has passed away. Very sudden, but there were hints in the condolence messages that she may have been ill. I checked the FOT web site, she had not updated it since June, and had not posted on FB for a month or more. She lived not far - on Treasure Island - but we rarely got together aside from email. In 2012 she put together a Peace Corps Thailand 50th anniversary week in Bangkok which I went to. She taught high school in SF. I think she was about 70. Checked FB again, she went into the hospital in August.

Home, delivered was 3 cans of Fabreze, stuffed into a padded envelope in my mailbox.

Unpacked the deep fryer, it took a good 20 minutes. Set it up on a kitchen counter, was surprised that the Max fill line was only halfway down the container. Also surprised that the basket sits right on the heating element. Sort of. There are stand-offs. It took 2.75 bottles of oil, and for onion rings it said 350° for 5-6 minutes. 15 minutes to get the green light, sliced onion rings from two huge yellow onions, they filled the basket. Five minutes might have been good for breaded rings, but just barely cooked the bare rings. 10 minutes to caramelized, 15 to the somewhat carbonized level I wanted. Chopsticks make a good stirrer.

Added a little more oil, the rest of the 3rd bottle, and put in one sliced onion for 15 minutes. Then 2 more for 15 minutes and change. I saved one onion for other things, and saw I had a pair of shallots -- those carbonized in 10 minutes. All that is packed into storage containers in the fridge, next to the tub of chopped liver. I am set.

Watched PTI and tried to watch Empire, but it is such a blacksploitation I switched to SportsCenter. Dinner was two corn dogs and two White Castle cheeseburger sliders & mochi.

Checked my Tivo to-do list, and there will be another episode of the MTV matchmaker farce tonight, and a Dr. Who interview with the new Doctor tomorrow. And Thursday Night Football.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the automated tests. Rerun failed ones. Write that up.

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