January 5th, 2014


I Went To Bed Early

and forgot to write up Saturday. So I think I'll backdate this 24 hours.

A lot of little things got done today. Post office, mailed lemmozine's calendar. It took many Forever stamps, which I have a drawer full of. I hope it doesn't take forever to get there.

On to UPS, to ship 3 pair of jeans back to Amazon. I thought I was a size smaller than Wrangler apparently knows I am.

Was heading for Target, but realized the car wash was closer, so had the car washed, enjoyed the 66° weather while waiting, then to Target where they have the SodaStream cartridge exchange down so well I forgot I also had shopping which could have been done there.

But instead, went home, dropped off the cartridge and threw the last of the boxes into the back seat and drove them to the recycling center.

That put me close enough to 237 to go to McCarthy Road Walmart for the stuff which I was going to pay more for at the French store: hand soap dispenser & refill, and a cart for the microwave.

Home, put the cart together, hauled my microwave back out of the shed, put it on the cart and wheeled it around the kitchen until I found a place by the island which might work. Unfortunately the cart wobbles too much, not built for that kind of weight. But I left it, pending Better Ideas™.

The some Tivoed football and later the pilot of "Breaking Bad" from Amazon Prime. My Tivo Prime won't allow Amazon downloads, so it went to the older HD model in the bedroom, and wouldn't transfer to the livingroom. Until I get the adjustable bed I'm not watching TV in the bedroom. But Amazon did let me watch on the BluRay player in the livingroom.

I see why it is popular with the Sci-fi fans. With every episode come chemistry lessons delivered in an entertaining way, often at the expense of the uneducated. I'll give it a few episodes, the pilot was a bit more violent than it needed to be. But just a bit.

Went to bed, finished The Tipping Point but the Kindle edition is only 75% done there, the author adds a lengthy follow-up. The point of the book is that something makes things go viral, and here are a few kinds of people who help the process. It was written before social media, so it is amazingly obsolete now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Minor shopping
Watch the game. Janice is coming over.
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Domino did a lot of yowling last night, I don't know why. I thought she was getting used to the big house. Woke me a few times. And I woke up early.

Took my time getting going, not much to do. I needed produce and TV dinners. The local grocery is no good for those, or anything for that matter, so I went to the Safeway at Rivermark, which is tied for closest. The other is in the opposite direction and is smaller.

The limes were on sale, larger and fresher than Costco's. Ditto the bananas. Got some huge tangelos too. Most of the frozen dinners were on sale, for very misleading prices. Bought some.

Home, unloaded stuff into the fridge/freezer. Watched the end of the morning football game. Wondered if Janice had changed her mind. She showed up 10 minutes late but there was no score, nothing really to rewind for. She's a lot more demonstrative than I am, but at least we root for the same team.

She's very allergic to cats, so of course Domino spent most of the afternoon trying to get past me to her.

49ers were their usual mediocre self, Green Bay hung right in there till the final second. SF won by a field goal.

Next week is Carolina at their home. They beat SF recently, at SF. I think they are the better team, but it depends on whether both teams show up with all players.

Watching the GoDaddy Bowl, but so far have not seen any sponsor commercials. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
BCS championship