January 8th, 2014

Howard Street

I Are Mechanically inclined

Up at 7:30, did my usual morning stuff except only took half a cooler of snacks. Out the door at 9, the street was wet, there were dark clouds wafting off into the distance, our first trace of rain in a month. It was only a trace, looked almost like all the sprinklers in the neighborhood had fired at once, for maybe a minute.

Got to work at the usual time, did some actual work (found two bugs in some automation code) and went home at lunchtime, dropping off a return at UPS along the way. Bed was due to be delivered at 3, which gave me some time to VPN to work, figure out what port I needed to unblock on Norton's firewall, and then VNC to my test machine.

At about 2 I was hungry enough for lunch, so I put Banquet spaghetti & meatballs into the microwave, which is when the phone rang. Delivery dispatcher confirming directions, said the truck would be there "imminently". From her questions about cross streets relative to the freeway I gathered they were 10 minutes away. Enough time to eat, barely.

They arrived at 2:30, and were done in 20 minutes. One of them gave me a demo on the wireless remote which I didn't need but let him finish on the off chance I would learn something new. Which I didn't.

Before work I had laundered the bedding, so as soon as they were done I installed a mattress protector, grabbed the bedding from the dryer, made the bed, got on it and started playing with the remote. In seconds this happened:
Collapse )

And this answered a question: The bed is a foot higher off the ground than the previous one, and the height appears to be fixed, is Domino going to be able to cope with that extra foot above her pet steps? I guess so.

She hung in there like a champ, and did not want to let me get up.

But I had to, there was still more work to do.

The bed, by the way, is adjustable. The wireless can raise the head and/or the feet, and can also do something they call "zero G" which raises both slightly by bowing (rhymes with Boeing) in the middle. Very comfortable position and allegedly mitigates sleep apnea. There is also a vibrating function with separate head and foot engines, with three levels of vibration-ness for each. Not something I'm really into (can you say "magic fingers"?) but I'll see if I can get used to it. Over time. Baby steps.

At about 5 I went out to get the mail, and the little not-so-old lady I thought lived next door was on her porch and struck up a conversation. Turns out she is a caregiver who comes over a few days a week to care for the invalid little old lady who does live there, but whom I have not seen.

Batted 1000 with the mail, all three items were addressed to "occupant". None of them said "Darling, I love you and I cannot live without you. Marry me, or I will kill myself."

Dinner was baked breaded clam strips and mixed veggies. I watched the latest episode of Elementary which is improving every week. They have somehow broken free of the urge to make complex personal relationships into a soap opera, the way The Mentalist's writers have done. And while the photography is too dark, the images are also very carefully composed. The Other Guys do lighting like a boss, but can't create a tableau worth beans.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe home early, because UPS is delivering a recliner and it would be nice to have it inside with the help of the driver.

And now I am off to bed, where I will be mechanically inclined and do some reading. James Gunn's The Listeners. Suggested by Brad at basfa, whose literary opinions I have come to respect greatly.