January 11th, 2014


Stuff n Sych

I don't do birthdays. My sisters know that I will send them random gifts whenever I see something (affordable, mailable) which is Meant™ for them. I will send cards, usually ecards. And middle sister and I have a tradition of sending a card a month leading up to decade years. Which reminds me, she's due for one right now. Luckily I buy cards throughout the year, see above.

My sisters' birthdays are in the same month, so I remember those no matter how hard I try to forget them.

Tomorrow is my only American nephew's birthday, but I've been sending goodies for his infant regularly. And his wife bought him a new hockey stick. There's a Red Green joke in there I think. I may send him a puck, just the be weird. Not for his birthday, but for his hockey stick.

Aunt is home from the hospital, I'll try to call around noon her time.

Got into the car this morning, put it in gear, and back into park. I had left the computer running with FB open. In the last three places I lived, the computer was visible from the kitchen, so if I left in the middle, maybe waiting for a download or an install, I would see it while I was filling my cooler or taking my meds. But now the computer is out of sight and hearing from the kitchen.

Still got to work at a reasonable hour. Put together the demo, finished it, and also had time for two little projects.

At 5:30 when I knew the conference room would be free, I took my laptop in and hooked it up to the projector, because some people kept getting BSODed when they did that. Mine worked fine that way, but it wouldn't connect to the new in-house wi-fi. The instructions are online so I had to go back to my desk to install the wi-fi app, and then it worked. Glacial. My desk is right under a repeater, so that's bad news.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Monday morning.

Lunch was at China Stix, which now looks 90% done, the only thing left, I think, is to re-pave the parking lot, but looking at the huge amount of construction, that won't be till summer at the earliest. A new Target is going in, and it looks like also a supermarket. The beef chow fun was under-beefed and overcooked. Unusual for them. There was also an unusually large amount of eye candy/fashionistas.

After work the former Bat Cave Starbucks, which is now looking pretty, except it still needs a patio. The KFC and donut shop across the parking lot are now 90% re-faced. I did not know it was Marty's donuts. I don't think they had a sign before.

Got Norton's updated, which was the main thing, but it took a long time on the not-Comcast connection. Not too bad because there were only 4 of us online.

Lucky's, impulse buy of bacon & onion dip, chopped clams, Lay's original potato chips. While I was there I got some more paper plates and bowls (on sale) and Parmesan cheese.

Home, poured the clams into a bowl and nuked them on 6 for 4 minutes, glopped the dip into the bowl, mixed carefully because the bowl was filled to the brim. Poured most of it back into the dip container, and put both into the fridge for tomorrow. I hope it glops up enough.

Dinner was beef pot pie. Marie is putting way too many potatoes in them. And the crust is getting more cardboard-y. Must scout for other brands. Banquet is already a FAIL. Stouffer's isn't very good either.

Janice has made up with her boyfriend, so won't be coming over Sunday for the game. No time to meet her in the afternoon, another friend's graduation party comes first. At 40 she decided now was the time to go for a master's and PhD.

Domino has claimed the recliner I'd bought for company:
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Plans for tomorrow:
Call Aunt
Seahawks game at 1:30. I may wear my jersey. If they win I'll keep it on when I go out to watch the evening game. There's a bar in Alviso...