January 14th, 2014

Howard Street


My demo started out well, I said I would start with the demonstrations, and showed CNN video of the demonstration in Bangkok, which got a laugh.  But it went south from there. Turns out the new in-house Wi-Fi blocks all the ports I needed to do the demo, which Automation Guy knew but didn't bother to tell me. Her also didn't tell me there was a hardwide cable in the room, which would have made the demo work. I told boss, we'll try again next week.

A younger me would have been very angry.

Back at my desk I did manage to verify the two bug fixes I'd volunteered to do. And for the next couple of days I'll flesh out the demo, which means writing more scripts with our magical GUI automater program.

Lunchtime was a trip to the PO to mail nephew the pair of pucks. They are from the SJ Sharks. He is not a fan of them. He's a fan of the Capitals, being from the DC suburbs.

I chose the PO with no nearby restaurants, and followed the road south, which I rarely do, until it turned west and intersected with El Camino. Hung a right and I was at KFC. Their original recipe is becoming very soggy. The mashed potatoes were like soup. And I keep forgetting they are a Pepsi house. :-(

Home after work, though I am running low on ice cream after two early mornings in a row with low blood sugar for no apparent reason.

Someone had wheeled my garbage & recycling cans back from the street to where they belong on the end of the driveway. I suspect it's one of the two or three LPNs who rotate giving care to the elderly woman next door.

Took care of some business - in the mail was a new Discover card, they replaced everyone's who had used it at The French Store. All they changes was a series number, the expiration date and the code number.  The date change meant I had to go online to Amazon and change that. Also need to do Paypal and Allstate. Tried Allstate but their site was crawling. Need to check Quicken for others which have Discover for auto-pay.

BASFA meeting was louder than usual tonight because some of the new folks were more inconsiderate than usual, and some of the veterans had business which they felt they had to discuss while there was a meeting in progress. Add to that the two tables by outside the folding door to the meeting room being occupied by VERY LOUD PEOPLE...

There were some laughs, but I didn't hear a lot of them because of the cross-talk.

Home, Domino is so enthralled in her seat on top of the guest chair that she didn't see me come in, and was startled when I petted her. Checking the cams today, she mostly parked in the new bed in the office, but also had some time at the food & water, on the arm of the sofa looking into the kitchen, and curled up on the kitchen side of the sofa. Spoiled kitty. 

Plans for tomorrow: