January 22nd, 2014


Demo Day

Got to work early, more because I had slept in all 3-day weekend and it was way too amusing that my wake-up radio station is KOMO in Seattle which was all about Seahawks and bad traffic. I loved one quote, which was with a story on how prices for Things Seahawks have suddenly gone up in price and down in availability:
"It's like Christmas - Don we now our game apparel"

I did a dry run of the demo from my desk, couldn't use the conference room because it was booked. It worked, and I was able to add some ideas on how to explain stuff.

11 am, demo in the conference room. Boss decided to make it a 4-day weekend. Boss' boss also did not show, though he didn't respond to the calendar invite. Otherwise we had the whole team.

It ran flawlessly, everyone stayed interested and even applauded at the end.

Next up was Automation Guy, but his demo was Murphied. Nothing worked. Sad, because it was a pretty simple script and mega-useful. What it was supposed to do was launch our "streamer", a server which has a library of video files which it can be told to multicast across the network. It can also add errors to the stream. We can watch the video on a media player (like VLC) and see when it craps out from too many errors. What it actually did was fail to find the IP address of the multicast. Boo. Hiss.

The rest of the day I read docs and chatted with Automation Guy. Lunch was Andy's BBQ, which now either makes the world's worst baked beans, or they got my order wrong and gave me the world's worst Chili. I'm guessing the latter because there was meat in it. The brisket was okay, the garlic bread was mushy as usual, and the prices have gone up. $20 including tip. :-(

Home by way of Lucky's because I was almost out of ice cream, down to my last edible banana (I had to slice up 4 last night and freeze them for smoothies, before they turned black). And I only had 2/5 limes left and they were on sale 3/$1.

Vegged out, gave Domino the last of the bag of treats (don't worry, I have 9 more). Had to remind myself to step away from Facebook at 8 an shoot up and have dinner. Fresh & Easy swedish meatball frozen meal, very small portion so I didn't share with Domino who sat in the floor in front of me staring all the way.

Channel surfed, saw a very good interview on CNN featuring a very pretty Seattle correspondent interviewing Richard Sherman about his rant after the 49ers game. He was pretty disgusted with the molehill-->mountain press coverage, and came across as the Stanford Communications master's candidate he really is off the field. Bottom line: He was in Beast Mode because the game had barely ended, and he doesn't like Michael Crabtree, because Crabtree has consistently been a jerk to him off the field.

In other news, I can see the top of the dryer for the first time since unpacking was finished. It had been hidden under a pile of foam dish protector squares, Stryrofoam packing corners and the box which the kitchen light fixture came in which is mostly foam. None of these are recyclable, and until now they could not fit in the garbage can. 35 gallons severely tapered did not work for more than two garbage bags or one plus a litterbox cartridge. The 65 gallon container swallowed three garbage bags, all the foam and the box. Normally I only toss one or two bags a week, and the litterbox doesn't need changing more than every other week, sometimes every three.

There is one more box which will go into the garbage a week from now. After that I'll be all caught up.

Got a postcard from a long lost friend in Canada, whom I prod yearly by sending a calendar. She says her life is chaos, but that's not surprise, she is married to a math professor.

Time for some humorous nostalgia. Collapse )

Eventually she met a math whiz at Cal, he got a job at Western U in London, Ontario, they are now married. Unless the chaos she mentions on her postcard is about that. But I kind of doubt it is.

Paula is now one of the producers at Seattle Opera, and we're Facebook friends. Leslie, OTOH, mistakenly blames email and the Internet for having her identity thefted, and will only communicate by phone or snailmail. Time zones make phone impractical. Hillary married someone she had been dating at folkdancing, I haven't heard from her in years.

The irony, it burns:

Had math & science group at the library on my calendar tonight, but bailed. Lazy.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bingo at the community center at 7 pm. A chance for neighbors to see me.
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