January 26th, 2014

Hawaiin Shirt

Sat Today Part Deux

Having all kinds of problem with 3rd party LJ apps, and did not have time last night to find a work-around, hence my placeholder post.

But as I noted, I did not get out of the house till 2 pm, mostly because I didn't wake up till 10, and then there was a lot of stuff going on on FB and BBC about Thailand's civil cold war.

In a nutshell, the majority party has been rigging elections since 2010, which led to the Prime Minister being tried and convicted of corruption, and sentenced to jail time. 2 years, I think. Instead of turning himself in, he fled the country to somewhere without extradition treaties. His cohorts built a new party, and elected his little sister PM. She has continued the corruption, and several last straws caused a huge demonstration in Bangkok. One of those straws was she stepped down as PM and declared herself caretaker and set new elections for Feb. 2. With such short notice, it's a sure thing that her election will stay bought, and she will be returned to power.

The irony is that the demonstrators want Democracy, but are against the election.

Not so ironic when the election is rigged.

A lot of the demonstrators and the opposition are almost as elite as the PM (he is worth about $1.5 billion). She is a dual US-Thai citizen,and is an international arbitration attorney in Bangkok. Her brother is a well known science fiction writer and composer-conductor. This clip is her speaking at one of the protests. The first 5 minutes has most of the info, but I love the last 30 seconds when she switches to Thai and shows she has some Thai street cred.


Took my 10% discount coupon to Lowe's, which basically pays the sales tax, and bought some stuff. Two garden hoses to replace damaged ones, and a spare in case the one I hadn't checked was leaking. Also got a house plant, something with big leaves which can sit in the office near the window which gets sunlight half the day.

Got all that home, spent way too much time untangling the 100' hose which replaces an old one which wraps around the back of the house from the driveway, to cover the landscaping on the other side, of which there is none because previous owner replaced it with concrete. I may get that torn out and planted, but not till the drought is mitigated.

went online and commented on two comments which I'd senioritised. One was a snide remark to someone who had tried to make me feel guilty about people eating whale meat from a legal hunt of a not-endangered variety. She is vegan, and thinks that mere sentience makes an animal taboo for eating. I refrained from quoting research which proved plants are sentient. I did not point out that her description of how whales suffer of water ignores the fact that they cannot breathe under water.

The other was a link to an East Bay outfit's blog on Thai lime trees.

Wasted some time channel surfing, and finished reading China Mieville's The City and The City. Bottom line is it was okay. Worth used bookstore price, paperback. It is a tale of two cities, and a satire on those former Soviet countries which split by ethnic group, such as Serbia and Croatia. In this case one side is a lot more stilted than the other, and unfortunately the narrator is from that side. It makes for slow reading and slow understanding.

The way the two cities are situated geographically is what makes the book worth reading. No spoilers, but that's what makes it slightly sci-fi because psychology and sociology plays a big role in enforcing the boundaries between the two.

At least now I will know what people are talking about when I go to Potlatch next month.