January 31st, 2014


Notworking networking

Today's big adventure was replacing the Netgear dual band N router with a Linksys N/AC dual dual band router. The Netgear was giving me slow browser response times and very low upload rates.

Went through the whole replacement routine, rebooting all my wi-fi gear after reserving DHCP addresses in the router. They have speed test built right into the GUI, and it showed good 10Mbps upload times, but horribly slow (2 Mbps) download times. Slapped the Netgear back and magically it gave 10Mbps upload and 57Mbps download.

That's two hours of my life I'll never get back.

Filled out an RMA form on Linksys's site.

Work was boring. About the only useful thing I did was check the changes to the spec in the latest revision, and the only thing which looked wrong was the revised temperature ranges. Normally these kinds of devices run at between 45-55° C (113-131°F). The changes made the upper range much higher. It's not my department, but I'll put it in my weekly report tomorrow just in case.

Had time to randomly browse my sports app, and was very disappointed that I had wasted Saturday when there was a Senior Bowl to watch. I totally did not know it was being played. Kinda dumb to hold it before the Superbowl, a day before the Pro Bowl. Lots of scouts would not have been able to make it. And I missed it too. I hear it was a snow game - in Alabama. ;-)

Speaking of football, I found the Silicon Valley Seahawks fan club, home of the 4 x pi -th man. +/-. Unfortunately the venue they have lined up is St Stephen's Green in Mountain View, a dark place with lousy sight lines. I need to do more research.

No real dinner tonight, just some sliced sourdough bag bread (larger than a baguette, smaller than a round) with margarine (1st round) and whipped goat cheese (2nd round). And then oreo vanilla ice cream with hot caramel topping.

After I finish this I need to spray the microwave and sponge out half a bottle of caramel which splattered when I thought it was a safe bet to close the cap and put the bottle in upside-down for easier application. Yes, I put a bowl under it, but there is heavy spatter on all the other surfaces.

Did not go to see 1776. This is the one Thursday in their run which they have off. Easier to get there on a Sat or Sun.

Still have not heard about the audition.

Plans for tomorrow:
Weekly retort
Massage? Manicure? Maybe both, they are next door to each other.