February 21st, 2014



Boring day at work. Spent most of it looking at the test cases I wrote the one-liners for, and deciding if they really needed step by step instructions.

Lunch was at Carl's Jr., because it is close and brainless and I was bored.

They finally opened the front entry again, which gave me a chance to look at the changes. I thought they were going to fancify the superstructure above the doors to match the building next door which the company is allegedly leasing. Same architecture, same landlord. But no, they didn't touch that. They removed a 3-foot-high wall about 10 feet in front of the door which surrounded a Japanese maple, and probably was supposed to have landscaped flowers planted around it, but never did. It was a hangout for the smokers, who have been using the back parking lot while construction was in progress. It looks like the formerly grass borders left and right of the doors has been dug up and new irrigation pipes installed. The bike rack and a few of those concrete trash containers have been moved aside, probably will be back in place Monday after the ugly grey flagstones are sand blasted this weekend. Anyhow, now the entry is flat and unobstructed, so the handicap pathway doesn't look ridiculous.

Automation Guy sent an invite to us all for his son's 5th birthday party, but it's on Janice's 70th, which has been on my calendar for weeks. And I have a rehearsal after.

Spent some time online researching the chunnel train, which can take me from London to Brussels in about 3 hours. It's too early to nail things down, but I would love to get there and to Ireland during my Worldcon trip. There's also a high speed train from Brussels to Amsterdam. Hmmm. I probably can't afford it, but maybe I'll take a longer vacation. Gotta put that in the back of my mind, many other things to apply brains to before then. I have all the important stuff done: con membership, airline reservation, hotel reservation for the con days.

Went to the Mathilda Starbucks, got a mocha but there was nowhere to sit inside. I tried sitting outside, but it's dark and loud from street noise and chilly. So I went to the cheap gas station and filled up, and then came home. The mocha is still in the car.

Took care of some finances. Paid off my Amazon/Chase Visa card, and will call them tomorrow to close the account. The application said 14% but the paperwork says 19.24%. And the credit limit they gave is laughable. Insulting, even.

Found my mortgage statement and found the line which showed how much I owe escrow for the insurance change. The refund check from the previous insurer will cover that, and I'll have enough left over to get a massage. Or buy a dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I printed a check for the lender CU, slapped it into their envelope with a copy of the statement, and it is now return addressed and stamped and ready to mail.

I also chatted today with the MetLife folks, and they can give me the same auto policy as Allstate for a dollar more. I told them to set me up to switch in April. Worth it to be done with Junior. Long story, Collapse )And Allstate's ads have taken a turn for the evil - those "havoc" ads. MetLife has stuck with the positive ads. State Farm ads are stupid and misleading, Farmer's are annoyingly condescending and too high-budget. Flo gives me the creeps, and the reptile dysfunction company seriously needs to take 99% of the money they spend on ads and use it to lower their rates.

Started reading the second of the Giver books. Darn that lady can write!

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe I'll finish my taxes.
Maybe study lines/learn my songs