March 4th, 2014


No Time, Must Sleep

Ear wax clog treated with H2O2 gave me swimmer's ear which kept me away half the night.

Work, team meeting went well. Only wasted 15 minutes with people who never know when they have made their point. Twelve times.

No lunch, instead went to Kaiser to pick up a metric tonne of insulin and supplies. The pens were not in stock, oh wait, they are, we just forgot to put your label on them. No problemo, upstairs to get my ear wax forcibly removed with 50-50 H2O2 and H2O and a powerful 1" diameter syringe.

Back downstairs, bought some ear stuff and picked up the insulin pens & back to work by 3.

Left at 6, got to the theater at 6:20. This will be my Mon-Thur routine for the next month. Home is at the opposite end of the same street the theater is on, by the time I got home it would be time to turn around and go to the theater.

Two hours working on 12-part harmony in the opening number. I recorded it, it was okay. Didn't get to the second number.

Home, Facebooked and answered email.

Plans for tomorrow: