March 7th, 2014


Another Day, Another Sleep Dep

Rehearsals are great for getting a good night's sleep. Slept till the alarm went off, only woke once during the night.

Work on time, barely. Some work on the specs and tests. 68° at lunchtime, which was also dentist time. They did X-rays and a cleaning, no cavities, and the dentist didn't mention the insurance company slam dunking her request to re-do two of my crowns the right way.

Went next door to see if the little nail place could repair a broken nail, but the person who does acrylic left early. SO I went to the other next door for a light dim sum lunch. Light, because they were out of half the things I wanted (it was late).

Drove straight to the rehearsal hall, which tonight was a park clubhouse which I've been in many times before, for auditions and rehearsals, and because a LONG time ago I lived in the apartments across the street. King George apartments was a run-down, poorly built and even more poorly maintained place - my first night there the sewer backed up into the livingroom, they had to wet vac it and replace the carpet - owned by a Chinese family named King. I lived there from 1995-97, when they gave us all 8 months' notice, paid us about 3 months rent and the promise of first dibs on the new apartments they were going to build there. They bulldozed it right down to below the sewer pipes, and in about 3 years opened the Renaissance apartments, a 3-story affair (King George was 2 stories), high end. When we left, a 1-BR cost $300/month, when they re-opened it was $1600. Looking at the apartments from the park, they have about 1/3 vacant.

Rehearsal added some cast members who had conflicts, but the leading man was not there (he's in the show now onstage). Director filled in for him, sort of. About an hour of my time was wasted. This director doesn't have the concept of only calling people whose scenes he is blocking, he want to do it in chronological order, which in this case is very inconsiderate. The scenes are modular and it would have been easy to schedule nights off. I have no nights off during the entire Sunday-Thursday schedule, even though I'm not in half the scenes.

Home, by way of two 7-11s, I needed $300 cash from the ATMs, but those give $100 bills for anything over $200. I don't like to carry hundreds.

Had a light dinner. Caught up on FB. Downloaded all my financials on Quicken and both my state and fed refunds had come in, so I paid off a couple of credit cards.

And now to sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
Consonance. I will probably miss Kathleen's concert, but really want to hear Mark's Toastmaster concert.