March 11th, 2014

Hawaiin Shirt

Another Day, Another Day

Was up WAY too late last night, tried to sleep as long as possible, made it to work just in time to get a diet Coke and be at the 10 am team meeting. I was out of things to do, so I volunteered to test a new tool which was developed to help customers monitor a bunch of our boxes.

That didn't take long. It actually took longer to write up the results.

But it did make me late for lunch, which was Plan Aed for a trip to a new nails place I found on Yelp as close as Sassy Nails, but in the opposite direction on El Camino. Orchid Nail Lounge, found on Yelp. I didn't find it, probably because (looking at Yelp again) it isn't on El Camino but on one of its cross streets. But while I didn't find it on the right side where I expected,  on the left I saw Barbie's Nail Spa, so I took the first available U-turn to get there, but before I reached it I saw a much less provocative name, Nails by Kathy, next to  Thaibodia, which was also due for a visit. Kathy was not in, but her sister Ann was, but she was in the middle of a manicure and asked if I could come back at 2:30. No problemo, went to Thaibodia for lunch because their service is notoriously slow and I needed to kill an hour.

Ordered the drunken noodles, and yes, it took 20 minutes to arrive despite me being the only one ordering at the time. And it was dry and anything but drunken, with the wrong kind of noodles, and the chicken and onions cut too large. As I was digging in, she brought a salad-like object. And in another trip the soup. Yup, service still sucks there. I asked for "medium" spicy but it was more like 5 stars. So it took a long time to eat. The Thai Iced Tea was excellent, and helped detoxify the noodles, a sip for each forkful.

It didn't take as long to get my check as usual, and my change arrived in less than 5 minutes, so I was 15 minutes early back at Kathy's. The person being manicured was a very attractive woman somewhere near my age, with platinum hair streaked with black (a Quality hair dresser job) and she struck up a conversation. We had a nice chat, I gave her my card, she Ann said her name was Joy. Joy was wearing a light button-down sweater over a corset-like chemise. Nice figure.

Ann was lovely too, and single - very odd for a nails person. Kathy was out because her son had something serious enough for the ER.

So, two attractive single women who will talk to me, in one day. Yay!

Last night the director had announced we were doing publicity photos, half an hour early,  and asked me to bring two pairs of pants - khaki and black, a white dress shirt, suspenders and the costumer was bringing a bow tie. I remembered to grab the clothes and put them in the trunk of the car before going to work. But I forgot my script.

So I left work half an hour early to go home and get my script, and while I was there I got the mail, which included a lovely surprise from lemmozine - a set of his Indegogo project CDs. I'm listening to one now. He sounds different than in person. Mostly in a good way. When I Grow Up I Want To Be Snidely Whiplash is currently entertaining me. The singing is adequate but the finger picking is nothing short of amazing. And this isn't even one of his more challenging numbers. Thanks, Lem!

The lamb stew was done, and had started to cool, so I acheologicked a place in the fridge for the crock, and in doing so discovered a 3/4 full bottle of rosé I had completely forgotten about. It was from an experiment to see if a small dose of wine before be would help me sleep. It didn't.

Got to the theater about 5 minutes late, to find the director and most of the cast sitting outside. I asked if it was a case of the best planned lays, but director said no, it was just really nice outside. And it was, mid-70s. A Jekyll-Hyde day, started off with rain.

We went inside, I got changed into black pants, black suspenders and white long-sleeved shirt and bow tie. The photo session was a total clusterfuck, the music director and the stage manager both took pictures with real camera, and The Voice of The Plant used his cell phone. Here are a couple from the music director which came out okay:

Changed back into civvies and the plan was to block Act II, but as usual, the director got so caught up in minutiae that we didn't make it to the end. Had I known that would happen, I could have gone home an hour early, because I get eaten early in the act, and don't appear again until the finale.

I'm called for tomorrow, but he gave us Wednesday off, mainly because for some unknown reason neither the theater nor the usual rehearsal backup place was available. I may also be called for Sunday, but I need to send a message to the choreographer because she probably doesn't need me. I'm called for Thursday, at the backup location, but that looks like it may also be a waste.

Meanwhile, while punching holes in the revised script I'd printed Sunday, I found the black nozzle had clogged toward the end, so had to re-print the last 12 pages. Punched them and loaded it all into the folder behind the original. I need to print index tabs and transfer my blocking notes, but maybe that will be Wednesday.

Home, made a frozen dinner.
Plans for tomorrow:

In Drerd

Yiddish for "in the dirt", aka dead. Which is how I feel right now, sleep depraved. Work was full of things to do today, and at 5 the boss called me into his office while I was finishing up one of them. Turns out it was annual evaluation feedback feedback time. Long story short, each of the goals and such he marked me as average or above, he said a lot of nice things about my work and personality and the lack of teammate bloodstains on my cubicle's carpet.

After going over each of the 5 pages, we turn to page 6, which includes a 3% raise and about a 6% or 7% bonus. Two bonuses, technically because Q1 we were part of a different company, so they paid 1/4 of the bonus separately, and the new company paid the rest. If I remember correctly all of this goes into effect in May, though it is possible it is for the April 1 paycheck. The net result of the boni (plural for bonus?) will be about 2 month's rent, or a very large shipment of thin mints. 

Snacked all day. Pistachios, pickles, celery dipped in hummus, string cheese, so instead of eating at lunchtime I went to Fry's to see if they had Thunderbolt-ready PC motherboards. Nope. And no Thunderbolt cards for the PC. This means I will sell the bargain Thunderbolt 8TB drive scheduled to be delivered Friday. And any way I cut it, it looks like 8TB NAS is going to be about $700. Not worth it for me yet.

Straight to the community center, even though rehearsals were not scheduled till 7, which means 7:20 Director's Time. I'm on stage for 2 minutes, then off for 20, then on for 5, and then I'm done till the finale, which we did not do. And again he micro-directed, so out of 2 hours I sat around for 1:40. At least he sent me home at 9 instead of 10.

We have tomorrow off. I need to study lines, especially the ones in my songs. And nap. After work, that is.

Plans for tomorrow:

Study lines
fire up Goldwave and edit the Broadway recording of my songs to match what is in our version. The music director claims we are doing the original off-broadway, but I don't think so.
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