March 21st, 2014


I Haz A Big Behind

This show is wiping me out. My routine now is leave work at 5:30, drive home in slogging traffic and get there at about 6 (it ought to take 10 minutes), veg oiut, then get in the car at 6:45 for a 7 pm rehearsal which never starts before 7:20 because the director is like that. I have been called every night this week, Sunday thru Thursday. Normally someone who is not in half of the show is not called every night. Director also doesn't know when to stop stopping us.

I took today off work to got to Contact Conference. Started the day fighting MS Word to have it point to the new mailmerge spreadsheet. Finally got labels for the backs of the photos and post-its for next to the photos printed.

Took my camera to the first session at SETI (I had never been there before) but there was nothing to shoot. They started late, and kept getting later. And there were stupid technical difficulties which are inexcusable for a gathering of scientists at a world-class science & electronics research facility.

At 1 I drove to the Domain Hotel, and mostly watched Chuck set up the art show panel boards, and then hung my photos. There was other art, but the art show director, who blew off the conference to be at something else in SF, had not left any hints on how to hang them.

I didn't need to get back to SETI any time soon, so Chuck and I had a lovely chat about BASFA friends. We have something almost unique in common, we both speak an esoteric foreign language as a result of being Peace Corps Volunteers in strange and interesting places. He served in Chernobyl, and speaks Ukrainian. And I got his take on Crimea. Mine is that it really belongs to Russia, and even though Putin is being a jerk about it, he is right to want to make it part of Russia.

Went back to SETI in time for the talk by the guy from Pixar, which was fascinating, about ray tracing and rendering, which I used to work with. But the combination of not enough sleep and the idiot in charge turning out the lights, I had to fight to stay awake. The final talk was a total bunch of hogwash, and I think I did doze off a few times.

Finally they got around to what I had really come back for, the tour of SETI, led by Seth Shostak. Lots of posters on the walls, none of them about finding alien life. The place has become an astrophysics think tank. Very disappointing, although two of the talks showed how we will probably never hear from any other intelligent life.

From there slogged through rush hour traffic back to the art show. No one was there, my photos were the only things up. At 6:30 I left.

Home, got undressed and slept for almost 2 hours. After relocating some cat poop to the litter box from the hallway which I had recently treated with "no-go". Shooed Domino out of the bedroom, closed the door, and she is not getting any treats this weekend. It's not like the litterbox needs changing yet.

Up, got partially dressed, checked with CNN's "breaking news" to verify that there was no breaking news, played an episode of Shark Tank (I am so behind on my Tivo programs), caught up on FB and LJ.

Plans for tomorrow:
Study my lines