March 26th, 2014


Run thru

Pretty quiet at work today. That will change tomorrow - I was reminded that I need to create test steps for a bunch of test cases for the upcoming product.

Lunchtime at the Copenhagen Crown Bakery, which serves a huge selection of obscenely overpriced pastries and moderately priced salads and sandwiches.

Then a few doors down to have my nails done, this time by Kathy, the owner because Ann, her cute, single younger sister was booked. Joy, the woman who was having her nails done last time I was there was nowhere to be seen. Sigh.

Home after work, timed it to be 5 minutes late to rehearsals, may have well stayed another 20 minutes. We ran through the whole show, hardly stopping at all, even though we really should have stopped my big scene where I blew most of my lines. I tried to call "line" but the voice of the plant drowned me out and the ASM sits 4 rows back and whispers. Grrr.

The plan is to run Act 2 twice tomorrow night.

Ed, the lighting guru, was there taking notes and videotaping. I have known Ed since at least as far back as 1990 when he lit Pirates of Penzance at Stanford and his way cute redheaded wife was on the crew. I can't count the number of shows we've both worked on.

They had the official post cards to hand out:
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Home, made dinner, petted the cat, watched a couple of episodes of TMZ.

Plans for tomorrow: