April 9th, 2014


OMG That Was Amazing

My final evening free this week, I decided to go for a massage. Angelic looking Chinese woman hit all the right spots, some of them by walking on my back. Tiny person, I'm guessing she weighs 80 lbs. Her English vocabulary is limited, but she her accent is perfect American for those words she does know. Funny thing is she has an accent in Chinese, turns out she is from the area just south of Korea.

The house has a flat roof, there is no shade, and it gets very hot during these past couple of days of 80+ temps.
Light day at work. Had my 1-on-1 with the boss, not much to talk about.
Lunch was an adventure. According to UPS their nearest store is on Mission College Blvd, but my GPS kept trying to send me to the Marriott. Turns out that one of the annex's janitor's rooms has been converted into a UPS store. PIA to get to. Easier than the one in the convention center, though. Dropped off the Kindle FireHD. As soon as it was scanned in, they processed the refund.
From there went to IHOP for a Rooty Tooty Fruity something. Yummy, but glacial service.
Fired up the Amazon FireTV, watched Goonies for the first time. Once again Hollywood places Astoria overlooking the ocean, and an easy bicycle ride from Canon Beach. IRL Astoria is miles inland, and Canon Beach is a few miles south on the ocean. Free Willy played the same trick. The movie would have been a lot better, IMHO, without the Bad Guys sub-plot. Or with Bad Guys who knew about and were after the treasure. Not bad for mindless entertainment, but I really don't see it as a classic the way many of my friends do.
Polished off another two bowls of chicken soup. Put three servings in the freezer, which is all that would fit. Two more in the fridge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Little Shop of Horrors performance at 8.