April 12th, 2014



Lots of work at work today. I got to play with some video special effects in one of the older models of our product.

Got to the theater way early, worked with the music director to find out why the drummer was in a different time zone. Turns out the drummer was only doing what he was told, director unilaterally decided to take the song slower than we rehearsed. It was even slower tonight but since I was ready for that it went well.

The show is starting to gel. Another week and we will be where we should have been on opening night.

After the show one of the cast generously rented the "party room" at a close-by karaoke place, and invited everyone in cast, crew & band and friends. It started well with one of the stage hands, who played one of the girls in the disaster which was SCP's Zombie Prom, sang (beautifully) my favorite song from The Book of Mormon, Sal Tlay Ka Siti. It's a hugely ironic tune about the imagined wonders, by an African boy, of Salt Lake City. And then people started showing up with their own burgers and drinks and soon the singers were completely drowned out by the chatter of the munchers. After the room was completely full, four more people showed up, so I left before they closed the door behind them. Disgusting that they would turn a karaoke party into chaos. As I've said before, it's mostly a children's theater group at heart.

A shame because one of the audience members, a friend of the leading man, was there, about 6' tall, drop dead gorgeous blonde, appeared to be single.

The producer finally (at my request) brought a stack of programs for the cast. Reading the bios in my spare time, I saw that one of the girls just graduated from Cal Poly, so I asked if she knew Justin Au, the trumpet player I've been following. She does, likes & admires him a lot. But she didn't know anything about the rest of his very musical family. I'll bring in their CD tomorrow to show her.

Home, made some ravioli for dinner after unboxing the ASUS X200EASUS X202E-DB21T 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop Windoze 8 machine. After I got it online, I set it aside to charge (it only had 8% battery after half an hour of setup).

Plans for tomorrow:
Buy a couple more roses & plant them
Maybe buy some ground cover - probably strawberries to start. Or ice plant. And plant that in the strip along the carport.
Probably need some weed killer too, they're coming up in the seams on the driveway.
Performance at 8, cast call at 6:30