April 18th, 2014


I've Had Better Days

Work was mostly routine, except for the time waster called the automation meeting. Left work early to get to the early cast call (Thursdays curtain is 7:30 not 8) and was not surprised everything was late. Except the call for vocal warmups, which are insanely too early every night.

We did another very good performance, but the audience was not all there. I got a couple of my usual laughs, but there was hardly any applause for the songs, and the curtain call seemed 2x too long.

The audio crew was whacked today. They kept blaming the equipment for issues which were obviously not. Huge crashing noises while people were singing, meant to me that someone in the booth was messing with the connectors while a mike was live. We could easily do this show without mikes, if we unplugged the band and sent the drummer home. Total amateur, that guy, banging away when the house is open.

After the show, nobody I knew was in the lobby - very few people stuck around beyond a quick word or two as they exited. There were two groups ignoring the cast completely, chatting among themselves. Groups of 8-10 people. Weird.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. I have a project which ought to take all day
Another show, 8 pm this time.