April 19th, 2014



Got my project almost done at work, but am blocked by the test machine needing Excel on it, and the owner wasting his time with the Man Who Never Stops Talking. So maybe next week.

Went home from work, which gave me enough time to water the mint plants and realize there wasn't enough time for even a snack.

Up to the theater. Another 1/3-full house, but this time they were wide awake and were wonderful to play for. The audio guys are still screwing up and blaming it on the city-owned equipment, though it's clear to me we're talking about someone messing with connections when the circuit is live. And there was some feedback, blame that on (a) the band too loud, (b) the bass WAY too loud and most of all (c) the monitors have been moved downstage of the proscenium where they form a perfect feedback loop with all our on-stage mikes.

My laugh lines got major laughs, songs got thunderous applause until the SM called the scene changes WAY too quickly, which screwed up the applause for three or four numbers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep till 10
Trim some bushes
Meet sister & bro-in-law at the farmer's market, lunch, then bring them to the house
Theater by 6:30
Curtain at 8
Lobby before 10 to say b-bye to sis & hubby who are going to see the show