April 23rd, 2014


Bingo wasn't his name-o

Lots of stuff at work, including an engineering meeting which came to the conclusion that it was too soon to have that meeting. And my 1-on-1 with the boss. And started the morning with the tech writer who comes from a theater family and always is impressed when I'm in a show, but has not concept that she probably could be in one too. I had the happy task of explaining a software tool to her that I didn't like, but have somehow been put in charge of testing.

Lunch was delayed because boss only told me about the engineering meeting 15 minutes before, saying he couldn't make it so could I go. He ended up making it, 3 minutes late. So I went to Carl's Jr. and had a basic burger and a shake.

Home with a stop for Breathe-right strips and gas. Not at the same place. Also got some generic Claritin because there's something in the theater I'm allergic to. I never had allergies before, but trimming the hedges also made me drip snot. The makeup is supposed to be hypo-allergenic, but you never know what scents people are wearing.

Got home too late to go to bingo, by about 10 minutes. Well, I probably could have gone anyway, but since it's my last night of freedom for the week, I decided home was good.

Been online most of the evening nostalgicizing, and also looking into the telescope issues. It seems that unlike camera photography, the shorter the focal length of the lens, the larger things will appear. My next attempt is set up and ready to go, it's a Barlow lens between the camera and the scope, which has the effect of making the focal length negative.

pause for telescope experimentation.
Yes, the 9mm lens showed the planet much larger than the 25mm lens. But I couldn't see anything directly connecting the camera, even with the Barlow lens. One win is it looks like th scope is already collimated correctly.
Pause for dinner. Heated up the PNB sandwich I did not have for lunch, and the English muffin with Munster cheese which I did not have as an afternoon snack. Followed by Breyers' Mrs Fields fudge brownie ice cream which is extremely chocoyummy.

Watched the second half of a Hollywood Game Night show on Tivo. Ms. Lynch is hella annoying, and so was the non-celebrity guest (who didn't win) but some of the games are fun and the other non-celeb was hella cute.

Plans for tomorrow:
(give a demo at the Automation meeting)
Leave early
6 pm cast call for 7:30 curtain. Offer my spare old HP scientific calculator to one of the crew who couldn't find one at home which wasn't RPN.