May 3rd, 2014


Fried Day

Not as bad as yesterday's 90°+, which had me schvitzing in bed even with the overhead fan on high. Have to remember to open the bedroom windows a bit to get the ventilation. I have them covered with light blocking curtains, which keeps the place dark, but the bedroom is on the east end of the house, so by noon it's where the cool air is.

Got up in time to be at work before the bagels were gone, but had to delay that by about 15 minutes because my trip to the PO involved waiting in line for 10 minutes while some clown collected his vacation mail, leaving only one clerk at the front desk.

At work they had us all park next door, and there was a crew in our front lot when I passed by, the theory was they would be prepping the parking lot to be repaved and re-striped. More on that later.

Work was boring. I spent some of the time reading other people's proposed test cases, and some time tagging mine with the  part of the spec they came from, but hit a dead end when a chunk of my tests were not from the main spec at all, but from industry standards which we don't have in our list of specs.

Ate an extra bagel for lunch, along with some pistachios and some cheese and coconut water. I didn't want to get run over by paving machines. And I sat in one of the break room's cushy sofas and napped a little as people played pool and ping pong in front of me. Last night, despite 4 melatonin tablets, I couldn't get to sleep. Go figure.

Thence to the new meeting about the next product test procedures, where some guys from another group needed to be shown the system. They had some good questions, and some which showed they don't have a system in their group. I only fell asleep for seconds at a time.

The rest of the day was the same as the beginning. I left at 6, expecting some sort of obstacle course, but looking around the building it was clear that absolutely no work had been done on the parking lot, and the whole "park nextdoor" thing was a crock. The theory is the work was supposed to take all weekend, so maybe it will be unparkable for real on Monday.

From work it was Great Clips, where I got taken care of right away. Had not had a haircut since tech week, a month ago.

During the day I got some stupidmail from the guy who won my eBay auction. I had sent him a note yesterday saying the unti would ship withing 3 business days, he should see it in a weel. He wrote back all flustered, saying (A) he thought it was gong to be overnighted right away and (B) he was disappointed it would not get to him by next Friday. As to (A), the auction listing says clearly that it ships USPS priority mail within 3 business days, and as for (B), last time I looked a week from last Thursday will always be before a week from Friday. Idiot. This is the same bozo who asked if the vehicle-specific mounting hardware was included.

But I'll cut him some slack for bidding it up to almost the original buy-it-now price.

From the barber I went to the cute Starbucks with the drive thru, because usually people don't camp out there, but all the tables inside were taken, and there was no wi-fi signal out on the patio so I packed up my mocha and drove home. Totally forgot to stop at Safeway for frozen dinners and ice cream.

Home, I brought the laptop inside because it needed some updates, collected the package from the front porch and opened windows and turned on fans. It cooled off quickly tonight, unlike last night.

The package was a set of shirts to replace some of my favorites, which have lost their perma-press/stain resistance features over time & washing. And jeans shorts in two sizes, so I can see which I fit into. I'll send the other back and order two or three more in the size that fits.

Multi-tasking, I started the updates on the Win7 laptop, and fired up the Win8 laptop which is connected to the telescope, and after some finagling I managed to get the software to control the motor drive on the scope. But it is misaligned, and I will need help to fix that. Because Mars and Jupiter aren't under the house.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car wash. Turns out the water coming from the hose is filthy, and I'm not one to buy car wash stuff when $15 will get it done by professionals.
Maybe Fuzzy will come over with a revised contract. If not, I'll call him again. I may need to get another estimate. Am leaning that way because of his up-selling.

Early wrap-up because I can

Morning wasn't as lazy as it could have been. Got up around 9, was on the PC when I saw that Domino had pooped right next to my chair. I think it is just old age. I wanted t lock her out of the computer room, but the door is misaligned - it has double doors - so it won't latch closed. It opens inward, so I don't have a way of blocking it closed unless I am inside.

Maybe I should take her to the vet, but I don't think there is anything medically wrong with her. Maybe I should take her with me to Santa Barbara next weekend and leave her there.

So I moved the exercise bike which she has been parking herself under, and put it next to the recliner, which meant finding a place for the easy chair, which was easy because it could go in the little nook next to the sofa where she tends to park herself when I'm in the livingroom and have already ignored her pleas for treats.

That done, I grabbed the coupon and went to the car wash. Strange that there wasn't much of a line.

Still to do was make a Lowe's run, but first I thought that since it was lunchtime, I could check out Butter & Zeus Chicken and Waffles. This required a short stop at home, to get my Nexus so I would have something to read. Am reading Snuff by Terry Pratchett, and it it clear I have missed at least one book in the series because Vimes is somehow the Duke of Ankh. So, B&Z. It's a small shop in a strip way down Tasman, just past Levi's Stadium. There is a lot of turnover in that strip, which also has Thai, Viet, Mexican, pancakes & Togos.

I ordered the chicken & waffles. Dark meat. What arrived was a large piece of flattened, breaded processed chicken substance on a thin previously frozen waffle-shaped piece of cardboard, with a tablespoon's worth of cole slaw in one of those paper cuplets which one finds in fast food places to hold ketchup. Bland tasting, but at least it wasn't greasy or burned. I will not be returning there. But I probably will try the pancake place, and the Thai place. I almost detoured into the Thai place because as I was pulling out of my driveway, the postman was driving up, and he flagged me down because he had a large envelope for me to sign for. From Thailand. It contained three of a series of Thai/English children's books which I ordered because a Peace Corps alumni friend had done the English translation. I was holding one of the books, which I read a couple of pages from before firing up the Nexus. The Thai is just at the right level for me, and even in the first few pages I see where Peter made some different choices than I would have. And maybe the editor too, because a couple of pages showed ads for toys at the mall, which were all in Thai, but there is no English translation of the ads. Back up, Howard. The book is teaching kids about having enough stuff, and not being greedy, and it starts with three friends looking at the mall's ads for toys and games. I was surprised there is a Thai word for "robot" which is not derivative of the English.

So, lunch consumed and forgotten, next stop was Safeway, which is just around the corner on the opposite side of Tasman, which is divided because the light rail runs down the center. It was a much longer corner than I remembered.

On my list was ice cream, frozen dinners and bananas. I also got Ho-Hos (in honor of yesterday's raid on a bunch of massage parlors in several Bay Area counties, performed by more than 400 law enforcement officers, which netted a grand total of 18 arrests. That's 22+ officers per criminal.). And strawberries, which are massively on sale and not quite ripe. And a few small spreadable goat cheeses. And $14 of coconut water (two brands). And some other small items not worth mentioning here.

Took that home, re-arranged the freezer a bit to make room for all the dinners, put everything away and had myself a break, with a glass of coconut water and something mindless on TV. Channel 2 news.

Okay, time to get off my butt, I says to myself, so I did and went to Lowe's. Put four flats of orange flowering iceplant in the cart (the one flat already in the ground is bright purple, but they didn't have any left). Wheeled all the way across the garden department and halfway through the main store to get a big (on sale) pump-spray can of Roundup. And down another aisle for a non-vacuum hummingbird feeder.

Home, set the iceplant flats out near where they would be planted, put the feeder on the stoop, looked in vain for instructions on the Roundup label only to find them right on the top rim of the bucket. Pumped up the killer chemical and went around spraying all the cracks in the driveway and along the street where weeds have been coming up, and also targeted some weeds in front of the hedges, in the back pathway behind the house and also sprayed a bit onto a huge dandelion-ish thing my neighbor has not taken care of.

That done, the chemical was placed in the shed, and I got out the rake and shovel and planted the four new flats. And watered them. During which time the fancy plastic nozzle broke, but I still had the metal one I'd bought when I first moved in, and that worked fine.

Back inside, cooked up some hummingbird nectar and filled the feeder, and hung it outside. Also filled the seed feeder.

Caught up on FB and LJ, and here I am.

Time to make some dinner. And if it is clear enough outside I will take the telescope out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Frappuchinos & chat with Janice
Maybe catch the end of the Seattle Seagals final auditions online.