May 10th, 2014


Two days for the price of one

Work had a surprise, in addition to it being the last day for boss' boss, an engineer who is in charge of one of the features I am working on has quit. Most of the engineers who leave here don't let on until their last day. IMHO highly unprofessional.

Left work at the earliest reasonable time to get to SJAA for a 6 o'clock class.Horrible traffic made me late. I thought. But it turns out the SJAA web page was wrong, the class was at 7.

Good basic class, filled in some blanks for me, but the instructor is decidedly anti-photographer, and is more in favor of just observing. And he didn't have the concept that someone might want to do close-ups of the moon.

There's a beginning astrophotography class next week, but I have a theater date that night.

Today I got up t 7, out of bed at 7:15, out the door at 8, and at the train station by 8:30 for a 10 o'clock train. Plenty of parking.

Got my preferred side of the train both directions.

Not much to say. Windows were very dirty, did not take many pictures, and we were early to every stop except the last one. We were on track to be 15 minutes early to Santa Barbara, but were sidelined 10 minutes from the station for 15 minutes to let a train pass us. Doing the math, there was no reason for that. Both trains could be in SBA station at the same time, it's double track.

Walked to the motel, it was a little closer to the beach than I remembered, but I took the wrong cross street and went up and down a hill I didn't have to, which was not fun with a heavy backpack.

Dumped my stuff, went looking for the harbor restaurants which are farther away than I remembered. Got a seat upstairs in a bar/grill, but didn't fit into the booth so had to sit with my back to the action. Halfway through the crab louie the "music" starts. His speaker is one table away, pointed right at me. He is horrible. Voice like John Prine gargling gravel. Guitar style is samurai strum, 3 chords.

Service was lightning fast until I wanted my check, and needed to get away from the "artist", then there was no staff anywhere. Wanted dessert, but not under alleged music torture conditions. Paid the bill, left in a hurry.

But wait there's more.

On my way to the harbor, I saw this weird bird which looked like a heron was raped by a penguin. It was foraging for nesting material under a tree. The tree sounded like there were more weird birds in it. An FB friend identified it as a Black Crowned Night Heron genus Nycticorax.

When I got to the harbor, there was a rather large harbor seal cavorting in the water close to the walkway. Watch it for a bit. Also saw a Great Blue Heron.

Plans for tomorrow:
Segway tour
Whale watching trip (don't expect to see any, just want to enjoy a daytime boat ride)
Sunset cruise