May 20th, 2014



Woke up half an hour before the alarm, decided WTF, and emptied all the bathroom stuff from the cabinets and floor that the Fuzzy people needed moved tomorrow.
Got to work much less early than the wake-up led me to believe I would. I am blaming LJ because several people who have not been posting lately all decided to do so. FB wasn't more than the usual morning madness.

My yesterday test at work was still running, I looked for ways to improve it but it doesn't matter, won't until the next release.

Boss sent around a note that we needed to hustle on my least favorite project, writing the steps for test cases. It's a new product, there are things in my tests which we don't have clues about yet. Very frustrating. I managed to do many, but there's about 120 more.

Lunch was at Sizzler. The sign in front said salad bar lunch was $10, but they charged $13. Iced tea is expensive.

After work it was back to QT Nails, I was early but prepared to wait. I had misread the 99 chicken sign, they are closed Mondays, but they were open today. Remodeling is next week. After my nails were done (7:30), there was a long line for 99, so I skipped buying take-home. There's no room in the fridge, anyway.

Home, caught up on Shark Tank. Their producer needs to do a better job of weeding out the losers. For the first time since ever, they devoted a spot to begging for participants.

Dinner was chicken soup, what I thought was the penultimate container of home-made in the fridge, half full. I was going to supplement it with the final, full one. Had the half first, but when I opened the last one, it wasn't chicken soup, it was FAILed lamb stew which should have kissed the disposal a couple of weeks ago. It did tonight. Sad to dump expensive meat.

So I went straight for the Breyer's Mrs. Fields Chocolate fudge chunk. Topped with crushed pistachios which frankly made no difference.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up & dressed early for Fuzzy. Show him the special code for the electronic lock on the carport door so I don't need to give him a key. The code will disappear when they are done (this lock can handle two codes at once).
Home, check out the damage.


I may have posted about this before, but FB memes have driven me to it today.

Keeping this public. Would have posted on FB, that's too public.

I was bullied as a child. It started around 3rd grade, when I was one of the smallest kids in school, definitely the smallest in my class. I always fought back. I never won, or even came close.

By the time I was in high school, I was the shortest and one of the fattest kids in class. 5'2", 150 lbs. I was still bullied, and I still fought back. I won twice.

The first time I caught a tall kid wearing a sweatshirt he had stolen from my gym locker. As we were going down the stairs I punched him in the side of the head, which smashed against the wall. The sweatshirt was back in my locker the next day.

The second time I was in the band room, and this nasty skinhead kid took a swing at me. I threw him with a move I'd learned in judo class. He flew across the room (band rooms are BIG), and he landed on his back among a forest of music stands. He never bothered me again. And I think that was the last time anyone did.

The only time an adult took any interest was toward the end of 5th grade, when I threw a rock at a bully, hit him in the head, and the teacher decided to have me assigned to a different class for 6th grade. Worst year of my childhood, 6th grade.

My parents were concerned about my often coming home from grade school with a bloody nose, but I honestly didn't know the older kids who beat me up, it was after hours, there was nothing they could do, really. Nothing ever got broken. Never needed stitches or a trip to the ER.

I survived. I don't think bullying affected me in the long term. Maybe it made me more considerate of others, but maybe not. I didn't go all Rocky Balboa and pump up. I didn't continue judo after that one year (got a brown belt from Bruce Lee's first judo teacher, that was good enough for me).

My point is that the huge anti-bullying extravaganza making the Political Correctness rounds these days is way out of proportion to the problem.