May 21st, 2014


0 on 1

My bi-weekly 1-on-1 with the boss was scheduled for 4:30. At 4:28, as I was getting up to leave, email calendar notice changed it to tomorrow. :-(
I had a lot to talk (gripe) about.

Spent the day doing the Stuff That I Hate. The fun project with still image movies has gone as far as it can until the next software release.

Lunch at IHOP. For the first time ever, my order was taken as soon as I set down the menu, and to add to the miracle, the food arrived faster than I thought they could cook it. And it was delicious. Gave a BIG tip. Okay, maybe just 30%, but still.

Finished reading Caroline Graham's Faithful Unto Death last night. Kindle told me I still had 30 minutes left to read. They had added a chapter from the next book in the series, and several pages of other mystery writer ads. Oddly enough, when I was done, instead of it asking me to rate the book, it went to the Kindle store and asked if I wanted to buy the next one. Which is already bought. But which I won't be reading because the first one sucked on so many levels it could be the International Fountain. 

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the wayz.
Too wordy. Way too wordy.
When faced with the choice between using a word in common usage and not, she would choose the most obscure British slang.
Colors. Everything in the book, down to the vomit from the policeman at the murder scene, was assigned a specific color. And the names of the colors were ones I think she made up.
The plot was made to seem complex by the way she juggled chronology, but in point of fact was simple: Workaholic husband's spoiled trophy wife disappears. Husband steals from his work to pay the ransom. Next door neighbor girl has a crush on said husband, and he murders her to keep her from finding out about the ransom drop. Husband is found dead in his home that night.

The rest is smoke and mirrors and not very well thought out. To make things worse, the hero, Chief Inspector Barnbaby, in the end sees he doesn't have enough evidence to prosecute the killer or the accomplice.
Also do not like that she steals, awkwardly, many details from Rendell's Chief Inspector Wexford series. Banaby is a poor copy.

It is not the worst book I have read, but now I am on to Murray Leinster's Talent, Inc. His writing style is also a bit odd, but only because it is somewhat dated. It's very good writing for his period.

Home, inspected the remodeling work. While I was at the office I launched the catcams a few times, saw that they were busy in the master bathroom, and most of the day Domino was curled up in her cat bed on the other side of the house. One time she went into the bedroom and took a quick peek inside the bathroom, but went right back out again.

They had laid a dropcloth/runner all across the livingroom carpet, down the hall and into the bedroom, up to the bathroom door. The bathroom door is off its hinges and was leaning agains the bed for a while. Now it is in the bathroom leaning against a wall.

They got a lot done, there is a lot more to do.
They have:
- removed the extra vanity/sink/cabinet/mirror
- removed the closet-sized shower
- removed the toilet
- pulled out the floor-to-ceiling cabinet and installed it on the other side of the wall in the bedroom.

To be done:
- Tear down the wall between the (former) shower and the (former) vanity
- Install the 5' wide shower
- Install an ADA-compliant toilet
- Install tiles where the cabinet had been sitting
- Replace the kitchen sink & faucets

After dinner I cleared off the counters next to the kitchen sink and cleaned them, and moved everything from under th kitchen sink to the kitchen island and the livingroom sofa.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be up at 6, because the workers want to start at 7. Boo.
1-on-1 maybe
Home, pick up my baritone and run off to YOTB rehearsals. If I am still awake. This time I hope to remember the fixodent



Global warming is not exactly what is going on. Climate change is. The climate is always changing.

Yes, humans have some effect on it, but Nature takes its course regardless of what puny humans do.

The planet has gone through at least two ice ages and three warmings before humans had any hand in the weather. There are mountains today which were once at the bottom of an ocean.

Seasons are caused by the angle of the earth's axis in relation to the sun. As time goes by, the earth's orbit slides toward the sun, and the axis angle becomes less oblique. Both of those will warm the planet a wee bit.

Be good citizens and conserve energy, use clean power sources, plant lots of trees and fewer condos. But do it because it is the right thing to do. Because it's not going to make much difference to the climate. Nature will have its way, and people being born now would do well if their parents invested in property where it's well above sea level, inland, and preferably not flat because tornadoes.