May 28th, 2014



Up at 6, expecting the remodeling crew at 7. Left for work at 8:30 without them here. When I checked the webcams at 10 they had the drop cloth down and were busy working in the bedroom, bolting the cabinet to the wall. Cabinet had been in the bathroom taking up too much space, and one had to close the bathroom door to open its doors. Nice ceiling-high cabinet, looks good anywhere.

Today Fuzzy was there with two others, one guy I had not seen before. Just for grins I turned on the mike on the bedroom cam, just curious if it worked. It did. Talk about being a fly on the wall. At that point Fuzzy was sitting on the bed supervising, new guy (who is a native English speaker, unlike the two who worked last week) was sipping on a soda, old Hispanic guy was on his knees by the sink finishing up grouting the tiles.

I watched them wrap up at about 3:30, they did a thorough job of cleaning up, and expected a call from Fuzzy, but no call.

Work was light, no meetings, not much progress on projects. Lunch at Togo's where there was limited by high quality eye candy. One of the sandwich makers has a true bubble butt, and her pants were cut to be up her butt crack. The only underwear which would have fit would be a thong. There was also a trim 30-ish redhead. One of the customers caught my eye, petite, wearing very high heels. She sat where I could see her, and didn't leave until I was wrapping up, which was nice.

Went home at 6 and looked for a note from Fuzzy, but there was nothing. Checked the work.

The tile work looks good, but he should have used white, not brown-stained off-white. Already it looks dirty.
Nice to have separate hot and cold taps in the shower, but they are installed upside down. Horizontal is off, down is on.
Shower head is great, non-restricted, forceful flow the way I like it, and at a comfortable height.
LED light in the shower is excellent, bright, but they wired it to the main switch by the door, instead of the one on the wall next to the shower. I'll ask him to fix that.
Toilet, as requested, is taller by about 2.5", but has one of those stupid mechanisms which need to be held down for a #2. Looks higher capacity, though.
Had to dust off the Thai lime tree and must it.

The main reason for this exercise was to have a usable shower in the master bathroom.

Before After

More images are here:

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Fuzzy
Bingo at the community center

Bingo Night At Willow Ranch

Didn't use the new shower this morning because the soap/shampoo dispenser was just ordered and I figured if I was going into the guest bathroom to get soap and shampoo bottles, I may as well use the shower there, which does have a dispenser.

Off to work at The Usual Time®, was bombarded by email wanting me to work on two different high-priority projects at the same time. It looks like neither one is going to be done on time.

Lunch was at Round Table pizza buffet. Pizzas and salad bar were good but they burned the dessert pizza (apple crisp on a pizza pan) because they decided to be stingy with the apple mix.

4 pm new meeting with the encoder group leaders who went over some video test clues. I already knew most of them. Not a waste of time, though. It showed me that one of the three would be good to work with.

Left at 5:30 when the meeting ground to a halt. Bingo night, I haven't been in 2 months, and wanted to get there by 6:30 after picking up the mail and grabbing the rent check. It's a 3-block walk to the community center, which is where the rent drop box is located, as well as bingo.

$5 for 4 cards, $5 for 5 chances at the cash drawing (winner gets half the take, which was almost $50 tonight). I won one round of bingo, for $10, so broke even.

It was well-attended, as people have been returning from their winter homes.

When I got to work I called Fuzzy, told hm the bathroom door was not latching properly until I leaned on it. He insisted he had hung the door himself and tested it, but I know from the webcam he didn't try closing it. I also told him the shower light ought to be on the switch nearest the shower. He complained it was impossible, he would have to open up the ceiling to do that. That's bullshit, the wire from the ceiling light has to run right by there. I compromised and said he could move it to the switch for the fan, which is how a lot of bathrooms are wired. He said he would do it Monday or Tuesday. He also got an earful about not calling to tell me his crew was not going to be there at 7 yesterday. Lame excuse about an emergency.

I can probably fix the light switch myself, will try Friday after work or Saturday. I took the faceplate off this evening and it looks like maybe all I have to do is pull out the switches and move a pair of wires to pre-existing set screws. I've done this before. And I know which circuit breaker to turn off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dinner out
Santa Clara Players, see the comedy/mystery a friend is in. Looking at the cast list, make that 4 friends.