June 2nd, 2014



Didn't flip my calendars until I got home from work.

10:30 am, call from Fuzzy, he's at the house and needs to know the new door code. First of all, the message on my voicemail says I'm in a meeting, second of all, I told him TWICE and he assured me he would call before he went to the house. I took my time and texted him back that I'll have a door code for him tomorrow.

He called later to say 8:30 am he would be there. Fine. I'll be home, and can stick around till he's done because I need to vote - it's at the community center. If he isn't there by 9, I'll tell him screw it, send me a final bill - by mail, please - and I'll find someone reliable to do the work.

I give it a 50-50 chance.

Weekly team meeting has been expanded to include the three guys from upstairs who were supposed to be helping us test the new product. I don't like that. We have two other meetings about the new product they are in, that's enough.

Have some blemishes on my neck which are being irritated by my shirt. Wanted to see my doc about that and some other things, but no appointments available till T%hursday. Must call the advice nurse, and see if I can get into urgent care.

Wrote some test cases for a new feature Boss just sprung on me.

Filed a documentation bug on something the automation guys caught - something which was change in the year since I tested it.

Home, vegged for a bit.

BASFA meeting was a full house, all the yellers were here. I'll stay away for a few more weeks I think. But I have a couple of things to submit to the Veep's online fanzine.

Plans for tomorrow: