June 6th, 2014



Worked from home, having been promised a 9-11 am window for the AAA Furnace estimator to show up. After some research I had learned that most air conditioners these days were combo heaters/coolers. They had done a good job installing an electronic programmable thermostat, and they had installed the furnace in the house, so when I saw on their web site they sold the dual purpose units, I emailed for an appointment.

Got some work done via VPN, also signed up for Smugmug and started a program which claims to migrate everything from Flickr to Smugmug.

AAA called at 10 to say 10:30-11. Called again at 11 to say he was way up on 280, would be there in 15 minutes. Make that 25.

But when he arrived he had it together - said had been stuck waiting for a state inspector who was way late - and showed me that my furnace was built with an aircon option, all he had to do was install it. It will still be expensive, but less than expected. He will handle getting approval from the park,getting the state permit, arranging for the inspections. In addition to what goes into the furnace housing, there will be a cooling/dehumidifier unit which will sit outside next to the house.

We were done by noon. I thought about going out for lunch, instead opted to go straight to work with my usual cooler full of snacks.

Video network was still down, but I was able to do some database stuff. Our 2pm meeting went 20 minutes over because Some People Just Don't Get It. In an odd quirk of fate, the loudmouth egomaniac from upstairs and I agreed on a major point, but it took 20 minutes to convince on key person that if you have a keyword associated with something in the database, you don't need or want it in [brackets] in the description field. Without that discussion we would have been done in half an hour.

Spent most of the afternoon confirming that nothing I needed to do could be done either video testing or database updating. Browsered around to find 3XL Hawaiian shirts.  

In my daily tour of cnn.com, there was a stunning photograph which reached out and grabbed me. At first what grabbed me was the name of the woman - Briana. My big sister's name, and not very common when we were growing up in Seattle. The only others who spell it that way whom I knew about up there were named after my sister, or saw her name and adopted it. I wonder if there's a link between me and her...


The photo is by Ted S. Warren, AP news photog, among other genres.

Did my weekly report, which was longer than I thought it would be, and after I left for the day realized I'd left out two important bug reports.

Next stop, Lowe's. Arranged to have the high quality shower doors installed. The doors I want are out of stock, but they need to send someone to check out the site anyway. $45 which will go toward the (fixed) installation cost. This will be another $700, but worth not having the aggravation of having the shower door fall on me.

Sold some mutual fund units to pay for all this work. And some more to pay for Loncon3. Unlike Fuzzy, these two can go on one of my cash-back cards.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the county fair for the photo ops.