June 13th, 2014

Satan Claus


Was at work by 9, expecting to duck out at 10:45 for the 11 o'clock-noon inspection appt window. 10:30, Luis calls, he is on my street. Home in 15 minutes, he does his thing with the world's longest level and another standard sized one. Had a nice conversation as he worked.

Back to the office by 11:30, made it to the last half of the meeting I wanted to avoid.

Did some work. Didn't do some other work because engineer emailed me a non-answer. Crashed the test database, boss fixed it.

Lowe's called at 5, said the level guy gave them the info they needed, I can come in an d pay the balance.

Left at 5:30, stopped at Lowe's, paid for the shower doors & installation plus $20 to remove the current crappy doors.

Home, the long-awaited Payday bars were by the side door, Fedex had done their best to smash them, but failed. In the mailbox was an empty space where the check from the broker should have been. But there was a thickly stuffed envelope which was jammed in there. It contained the 4 Hawaiian shirts I'd ordered. The are gorgeous. Much more colorful than what Jay Lake ever wore, at least that I can remember. More along the lines of what fashionista dave_gallaher wears to BASFA meetings.

Ate a Payday bar, drank some lime soda, transferred the baritone horn and music stand from the storage shed to the trunk of the car and drove to rehearsals. It took 25 minutes, should take 15. Many people Driving While Slow. Many others Driving With a Death Wish.

Good rehearsal. Finished with Nora playing the piccolo part to Stars & Stripes Forever on her tuba. There is a recording of her doing that at last year's June concert. Not a very good recording, part of someone's cell phone experiment making a video of chunks of the whole concert. Nora's at about 2:30 into the clip.

Home, aircon was cranking away. Even though it was only 65 outside, inside it was 77.

Kitchen was warm - there are no aircon vents in the kitchen or laundry room. Hmmm.  Used the oven anyway to bake some pot pie for dinner.  Tried the microwave last time and it was a FAIL.

Plans for tomorrow: