June 16th, 2014


Day of Mun

Went to bed very early last night, because I was bored and couldn't think of anything better to do. Well, actually I thought about fixing the horrible paint job I did above the computer room door, I even bought the masking tape, drop cloth and gloves. But was too unmotivated.

Up at the 7:30 alarm, did not waste much time staying in bed, Domino had hopped up and was staring at me, closer than she usually parks herself.

Spent very little time online, packed my snacks, took drugs, dumped the experiment which was powdered Orange Chrystal Light poured into a bottle of SodaStream carbonated water. More foam than mentos and Coke. And boy did that stuff taste rude. Maybe the liquid form will fare better.

Not much work done at work, watched some of the USA-Ghana game, but lost interest quickly because (a) USA seemed to always be on the defensive and (b) Ghana played dirty. And maybe (b+) USA was ahead 1-0 in the first minute, which usually spells disaster. Futbal and baseball to me are games which I only need the final scores to enjoy.

Left work at 5:30 because I got there early, and because Spring asked me to bring the sapphire to the BASFA meeting which I wanted to have set in a piece of gift jewelry I've commissioned her to make. Which meant finding my fireproof safe with the sapphire collection, and finding one of my 1976 purchases, which are the only ones which I know are not heat treated, and the light blue ones have amazing stars. There was really only one which I thought would work, there were a couple of distant second choice which were either too small or too round. Or both.

Took that to BASFA, got there early even though I knew she would be there closer to the start of the meeting, coming from a traffically challenging location.

The regular waitress was not there, the guy taking her place was slow, what English he knew was mumbled, and he was very very slow. I finally ordered about 20 minutes after I got there, the food arrived not hot, 20 minutes after that, and he never came around for my dessert order, though he did refill my soda a few minutes before the meeting ended. And he didn't bring checks to us, he kept them by the register. If he made an announcement about that I never heard it. It's not as tough a job as it might appear, because while there are eventually 25 people to serve, we come in at different times, so it's the same as covering 8 tables in the main area as people randomly arrive.

I brought home three of the worst children's books ever, and a toy which needs some "if it don't work, force it" care.

The rumor of the week was the opposite of what I had prepared to submit, but there were too many between that one and my turn to use it. Timing is critical.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shower door installers at 8:30. Work from home till they are done, probably by 10:30. I'm prepared for as late as noon.