June 19th, 2014


Humpa Humpa

For the first time in forever, no work being done or planned on the house. Did have to use the guest shower this morning, but tomorrow the sealer will be dry on the master shower doors. I really like the new shower, will be wonderful to not have the door falling on me.

It is fruit season, so I packed too many snacks for work. All I ate were cherries and a banana.

Not much work at work, though I managed to pass a couple of tests on the new product.

Caught snippets of the world cup games. I can't believe how many blatant fouls I'm seeing, and how few are called. Croatia was especially nasty, but the red cards went to Cameroon because they were stupid and retaliated when play was paused.

Lunch at China China, a Korean buffet which serves sushi. Their days are numbered - the soft serve machine is only serving vanilla now. They permanently removed the chocolate tank.

Home, a friend request came from someone I don't know who claims to be the cousin of someone I was in a play with a long time ago. He made the mistake of saying he had a way for me to make money outside of work. I could not remember which show I know his cousin from, which made me go to my photo page of scanned programs, and I figured I had just enough time to add the names of the shows to the 70 items.

But I didn't - which made me 5 minutes late for the library talk by an ophthalmologist. She was running 10 minutes late, so no problem except it took a while to find the one seat in the 2nd row which was empty.

Dr. Barbara Erny gave a fairly comprehensive talk about some of the more common eye problems caused by old age. She is very easy on the eyes herself. She included some slides of her doing charity work in Africa & South America. I wanted to ask about that but the crowd around her after the talk was too big. But she told one of them there is a video on her PAMF site. I wanted to send her email but they don't list her address.

Home, finally wrote the Atari Day article for Drink Tank. And got the name of the first speaker wrong, even though I was looking at it on the blurb from the library. I've been having more problems with my brain changing the words on the page. Kind of scary.

In other news, a mystery has been sort of solved, creating a WTF moment.

The mystery goes like this:
A woman and a man at work seem to be interested in each other.
The man shows up at a show I am in, his date is gorgeous and is not the woman from work. This second woman and him seem to be a couple.
The man leaves the company to work somewhere else in the valley.
There are rumors that the woman from work married the man from work.
I am Facebook friends of both the man and the woman from work. But while both of them post photos of trips and visits and family events (birthdays, graduations, etc.) there are no pictures of him on her site, none of her on his site. She never mentions him, he never mentions her. They both have set their relationship status to "ask me".
She wears a wedding ring, but on her right middle finger. It's a simple band, could be a "don't bother me" ring.
IRL, she drives herself to work, and even though he'd be welcome, he has never visited his old workplace.

Being that it's work, I can't really ask.

Today I needed to add her to one of my email distribution lists. Her email address has changed. It now has his surname.
I guess they're married.

Been reading some of the Loncon3 awards nominees. I started with Campbell Award nominee Benjanun Sriduangkaew because it's a Thai surname. I read one story all the way through then another first dozen pages. I don't like the writing style, and the plot zig zags at random, we are dumped into the story 1/3 of the way through and are not given all the clues to see the complete picture. There are some very creative ideas, though. But since the award is for writing, I can't see voting for this author.

Best Novella entry “The Chaplain’s Legacy”, Brad Torgersen is extremely well-written, creative, poses some complex questions about religion from an atheist's POV. Definitely could get my vote.

Best novelette:
"Opera Vita Aeterna”, Vox Day (The Last Witchking, Marcher Lord Hinterlands) lasted about 20 seconds. Fantasy of a flavor I can't stand. No vote.
“The Exchange Officers”, Brad Torgersen - he does it again, but this time with a little too much Army Pride. I love his writing.
“The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling”, Ted Chiang is on my Kindle right now. Too soon to tell, but looking promising.

Best Short Story:
“If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love”, Rachel Swirsky Gag me. Deleted it after a dozen pages. Horrible stilted bogged down writing. No vote
“The Ink Readers of Doi Saket”, Thomas Olde Heuvelt I really wanted to like this one, set in Thailand during my favorite holiday, he starts with a really great idea, but as the story progresses he dilutes it, turns it into a scam, and then the ending is all orgasms, a total disconnect from what could have been Something Great. No vote.
“Selkie Stories Are for Losers”, Sofia Samatar stunningly good writing, takes a well-beaten dead horse of a theme and makes it into Pegasus. This one probably gets my vote
“The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere”, John Chu is the last entry in the category, and I frankly can't remember if I read it yet. I love the title.

And in other news, the only BASFAn up for best fan artist is the very talented creator of fannish jewelry, Spring Schoenhuth. She gets my vote because the Hugo needs to be expanded to recognize there is more to art than ink on paper.

Plans for tomorow:


Band Day-ed

I both love and dread Thursday night band practice. Love to be in this concert band, but I'm not one of the more skilled players. But I am seeing some improvement, the more we play the same numbers. I think this is my 3rd year. Or maybe 4th. Looked it up, I started June 25, 2009. Fifth year. Hmmm.

It looks like we will be doing Stars and Stripes Forever with the tuba soloist for the next concert.

Work today featured The Meeting Which Starts Late And Never Ends­®. It's a 10-minute meeting, but boss makes the mistake of not stopping The Guy Who Never Shuts Up, who has become The Guy With The Bad Ideas. Who Never Shuts Up. The man is closure-disabled. He cannot tell when he has won or lost an argument.

I left early at lunchtime to go to Kaiser for my annual PSA blood test. Also picked up some eye drops mentioned by the speaker at the library yesterday. She suggested trying different viscosities. I thought there was only one, artificial tears. Turns out there are thicker ones and even gel drops, which are better for overnight - longer lasting lubricant effect but the trade-off is they make your vision blurry for longer too. I tried one of those just before band practice and it did blur my vision for about 5 minutes. Didn't feel as good as the tears products.

Popeye's for lunch. Have to strike them off my list - too spicy. I know, that's their trademark, but I forget.

One of the new product testers is on vacation this week, so boss gave me his machine to play with today. I ran a lot of tests, but most of them were not ready to be tested. Managed to pass about 5 of them. So many things don't work yet, so after a while I ran out of things to do. We're supposed to get a new build with more features tomorrow, but I am not holding my breath.

Automation Guy told me two jokes:

Q. What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A. Gummy bear

Q. What do you call 5 angry men watching the playoffs?
A. Lakers

I updated that to:
Q. What do you call 11 angry men watching the playoffs?
A. España

Plans for tomorrow:
1-on-1 seems to have been permanently moved to here :-(