June 20th, 2014


Quickly because It Was A Nothing Day

Up too late again, reading.

Domino nuzzled me sometime in the middle of the night. That's rare.

It is so nice to have a real shower, full-sized, with doors that work. I think they need some WD40, though.

Work was almost a total bust. Both my meetings were no-shows. There was a new build for the new product, and it did fix one of my bugs, but nothing else.

Lunch was at Carl's Jr., because the first meeting was at 2, my usual lunchtime is 1-2, and they are the only place close enough t get back in time. Their turkeyburger is the color of vomit. I almost did not notice, because I was reading.

If there is only one item you read in the long list of 2014 Hugo nominees, make it Mary Robinette Kowal's novelette The Lady Astronaut of Mars.

So I ate my fauxburger, but could not leave until I had finished the story. And then I had to just sit still for a couple of minutes to let my eyes finish leaking.

I Almost set it aside, because it starts with Dorothy, an orphan raised by her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. But what probably started as another Ozlegory is blown off that track immediately by an exploding supply rocket. That's not a spoiler, by the way. Pretty much anything else I say about the story would be, except it deals with painful choices, and how a seemingly insignificant trinket can jog memories and symbolize significant hopes and dreams.

You can read it on Tor's site here.
In other Hugo reading, in that same category, Ted Chiang's The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling was a good try at alternating a tech world story with a bush tribe story, hoping to show how technology robs us of living in the now. It fails miserably for me on two fronts - first, the straw man he builds in the tech world is just not believable. The second is I believe the opposite of what he is positing. The writing is not bad, but with only one more novelette left to read, it's 3rd on my vote list.

Six Gun Snow White by Catherynne M. Valente, in the novella category, was set aside at about page 4. This is one of those stories told in the Olde West dialect by some codger whose vocabulary dips sporadically into combinations of letters which have never been actual words. Behind this fog bank are two main characters who are ham-fisted caricatures. For some reason the codger thinks silver ore is called "blue" by the miners. Never heard that one before. I know that drinking colloidal silver can turn your skin blue, but I don't think miners do much of that. That's a no vote from me.

Plans for tomorrow:
I hope I get up and out int time to catch the matinée of Maleficent 3D. Will probably also see the dragon movie. Need to drop small packages off at the PO and UPS. The PO package is a long-awaited gift for my nephew's son, the new 2014 baseball silver dollar. It is convex. I had it on order from the mint since the start of baseball season.