June 22nd, 2014


To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where

this man has not gone before.

Dropped my car off at Sunnyvale Toyota for its annual check-up. Waited far too long for check-in. They are seriously understaffed in the meet-and-greet department. Always have been. I will probably switch to another site next time.

Walked a block to the bus stop, caught the #22 intending to go to Valley Fair and see a movie, but after a couple of stops realized I was on El Camino, Valley fair is on Stevens Creek, so punted and decided to ride this thing to the end of the line, Eastridge Mall, which has a movie theater. During the trip we went through neighborhoods of San Jose I had never been in before, some I don't plan to ever stop st.

I didn't know the express ran on Sundays, otherwise I would have waited for it. The local took an hour and 45 minutes, and the Eastridge terminal has moved from next to the mall to a long walk through an under construction parking lot.

Got to the mall, asked the nice man at JC Penney where they hid the restrooms (there was zero signage, no directory) and he said theirs was broken, go out to the mall, upstairs there is one right by the Cinnabuns.

On my way, a very short trip, I passed by no less than six people polishing, sweeping and cleaning. This may be the cleanest mall in the Bay Area. The restroom was spotless. While I was on the john someone tried to clean my stall with a big yellow duster slipped under the door (there is a gap of about 6 inches).

The cinema was on the other side of the mall, it was 12:15 and nothing was starting till 2:00 that I wanted to see. So I found the food court, had mongolian bbq, during which Toyota called, my car was done. walked back to the transit center, caught the express, and wasn't sure if the stop I wanted was an express stop. Problem is I didn't know the street name, so I didn't ask. Decided to play it safe and get off at Santa Clara train station and waited for the non-express.

I thought I remembered the stop being the one after Rooster T Feathers, so that's where I got off. Turned out to be one stop too early. Walked the 5 blocks to Toyota, noting as I passed it that the right stop was an express stop. :-(

Picked up the car, again had to wait a while for a person to show up, but it was the agent who had checked me in, and he got my car out ahead of about 5 other people's. Stopped off for gas, then home, turned up the aircon and relaxed a bit. 

Got the urge to have strawberries and whipped cream, but had no whipped cream. Drove to Safeway, got whipped cream, pound cake and bread makings (because the sourdough starter looks like it may be successful). And Ho-Hos because they were on sale.

Back home, gave Domino a squirt of whipped cream. She used to get some every night, but I stopped when she started giving it back. So far so good.

Took out a bowl, filled it with whipped cream, added some blueberries and cut up some strawberries. Should have added banana, but didn't think of it.

Did some Quicken work online, made dinner. Stouffer's tuna casserole. Pretty good. 

Changed the litterbox, took the garbage & recycle bins out to the curb and watched an episode of The Midsommer Murders. Better by far than the books, but the characters are too stereotyped, and shallow. I'll give it one more chance.

One of the cast members from Brigadoon is directing, and the director/choreographer is choreographing West Side Story over on the East side. I sent my condolences to the choreographer, who thought things would go fine at auditions, but now I see he has put out a call for male dancers. :-)

While having lunch I was reading the last of the Hugo nominee novelettes, The Waiting Stars by Aliette de Bodard. It's not on the same level as Mary Robinette Kowal's entry as far as writing style, the plots takes ideas from The Handmaid's Tale and The Giver and shifts the focus to people wanting to work in space. It will probably be my #3 vote.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe BASFA.