June 24th, 2014


The Week Begins With a Mumble

Combined teams meeting this morning was mostly The Guy From Upstairs, who talks to his laptop, softly. And he's mostly talking about his product's schedule, which I have zero interest in. I do not like this combined meeting format.

Now that W is back from vacation, I no longer have a new machine to work with, and the video network is still down, so I can't work with the old machines. I think they broke it when they took the satellite dishes off the roof and made us a mini Socorro in the back parking lot. Those dishes provided all our live streams, and they did some massive cable runs to get them moved. The move is because we're finally getting real lab-quality air conditioning installed on the roof, where God intended it.

It was a boring day, except for lunch at Togo's. A very attractive (to me) petite woman has been there several times and she was there again, but half an hour late. Which gave me a chance to see her left hand when she used the soda machine. It is banded. Darn. She was wearing a moderately short skirt, nice legs.

After work I got a haircut, then went for a massage, and then to Lowe's for a wi-fi enabled thermostat. Home, looked at the installation instructions and compared the wiring on the existing one - and found that there is no power to the box, and there is no terminal box in the furnace so the work-arounds won't work. Nothing on the market that I can find can do Wi-fi with just battery power. Bummer. So I'm stuck, unless I want to pay megabucks to have the furnace re-wired the right way and the wires pushed through to the livingroom.

Dinner was clam strips, with fruits & whipped cream for dessert.

Watched one episode of Restaurant Stakeout, and TMZ.

Updated the ipod I keep in the car. Added lemmozine's CD collection, which is now a massive playlist. I'll start tagging the ones I like best.

I had been using the Samsung phone's Pandora in the car, but the stoopid engineers at Pioneer made it so bluetooth music won't work when the ipod is plugged in. It was nice for a while to listen to new music, but I really want to choose what I hear.

The ipod 5th gen which I have has a habit of rebooting itself, which is why I tried using the phone. Just bought a used 7th gen one on eBay, we'll see if it does better.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, return the thermostat
Maybe Library for a talk/demo on Ham radio

2nd Day

Domino pooped in front of the fridge again. The whipped cream experiment was a failure.

Worked. Got a little bit done but mostly not.
Called eye doctors' office, mentioned I have not received my annual appointment which was due today, they made one for me for tomorrow morning but not with my doctor. We'll see how that goes, new doctor is new, online shows her to be highly qualified for a new doctor.
Also called the pet groomer's, they said just drop Domino off between 8 and noon. First come, etc. Will aim for 11 am because they are a bit of a drive from here, in Palo Alto.
Lunch was Sizzler, worst rib eye steak I have ever seen. Would have sent it back but as usual the waiter disappeared.

Home by way of Lowe's, returned the thermostat. Browsed the garden area, saw only 1 bee. Looked at the insecticides they sell, the warning labels would make me not want to use the stuff anywhere on anything. :-(  However, no one was around who could tell me if they spray their flowers with it.

Home briefly, then to the library for a talk on ham radio. Interesting 20,000-foot survey. The presenter is a heavy duty NASA physicist turned attorney who bounces morse code off the moon and meteor trails. But he gave some good tips for beginners.

Home again, Lasagna for dinner, strawberry/blueberry whipped cream on pound cake for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
up too early for 9 am ophthalmology appointment
Wait for eyes to un-dilate
Go to work after lunch