June 26th, 2014


Couldn't see going to work

Annual Ophthalmologist appointment at 9 am, got there at 8, checked in at 8:30 because they usually want my eyes dilated by the appointment time. Not today, drops went in at 9:10. New doctor did a good job, but it was clear she wished the appointment bozoids had scheduled me with the doctor who has been seeing me since I first had retinopathy symptoms. And so did I. One thing I like about him is his exam room is decorated with pictures his daughter drew. She's probably in college by now. New doc only had 3 photos of her daughter on the wall, no art.

But she did have the black-nosed sheep on the platform above the mirrors.

The bad news is my left eye for the first time is not 20-20, it's 20-40. Right eye is okay. Retinopathy is still there but holding steady. Ditto the Pterygium. And the cataracts. No treatment needed except OTC generic artificial tears and wearing sunglasses more than I usually do.

Waited at the clinic till 10:30, mostly sat in the courtyard in the shade with my eyes closed. Opened them to watch a woman do some Tai Chi and to see who was speaking on her cell phone too loud in a language I did not recognize. Indian of some kind, from the looks of her.

Figuring my eyes were good enough to drive a short distance, I added my driving sunglasses to the paper ones they gave me, and went down the block/across the street and used my free drink credit for a chocolate cookie crumble frapuccino and a morning bun. Just before I got there a bus load size line of people walked in. As soon as the guy behind me was served no one came in for 5 minutes. Weird. I sat there till about 11:30 admiring the eye candy, then braved the glare and drove to work.

It was still too blurry to be useful at work, and a BRIGHT sunny day so I thought about where I might go where I could be out of the light and close my eyes without looking homeless. So I went to one of my massage places near work and killed an hour that way.

By 12:30 things were still a little blurry, but indoor lighting was low enough, and reading glasses worked well. Finally was able to get a new machine. Got a ton of work done.

Attended a massively boring meeting because Boss said there was video stuff to be learned, but not this time.

Stopped at Fry's on the way home looking for wi-fi enabled weather station or thermometer, but all they have are the proprietary radio ones. Nothing online either for less than $500. :-(

Looked at kitchen scales, the prices are ridiculous, probably because drug dealers use them. I had one in the kitchen, and I know I thought about auctioning it at BASFA but can't remember doing that, and can't find it anywhere. If I didn't auction it or donate it, I suspect one of Fuzzy's people adopted it. Lots of opportunity for dealing in the cash-only remodeling business.

Someone who is younger than me on FB (I directed her in a play in college) said she got her senior pass from the US parks people. I thought you had to be 65, but it's 62, so I filled out the form and will send it in tomorrow. $10 service charge for mail-in, but gas to the nearest park would be about $5...

Watched an episode of Famous in 12,  which shows what happens when three young women with no talent and so-so beauty try to become famous in Hollywood. Mom & Dad are nice, but they're talkers not doers. Also watched TMZ. They have stopped the super-high falsetto narrator but I think it's the same guy, toned down.

In Hugo news, am reading The Butcher of Khardov by Dan Wells. Novella. Writing is okay, but he crams in too much jargon, too many Russian-ized words. And he's doing the trick of starting at the end and skipping around in time so we get the picture in flashback of a sort. Third person flashbacks. I don't like non-chronological stories. The teaser at the start to grab the reader is fine, but when you go back, go back to the beginning, and keep on through till tomorrow. He also has some monster aliens in the first flashback who have not appeared again halfway into the work. So far it's #2 on my list, I have only read one other in that category.

Got my rent statement, it's lower than last month. Much lower gas bill. Don't know why.

Plans for tomorrow: