June 27th, 2014



Work was tedious, lots of repetitive database stuff, filed a couple of bugs.
Lunchtime, stopped in at the local ham radio store. The place is wall to wall RF equipment. Amazing. Prices are astronomical. Bought the ARRL study guides for the first two ham radio tests. I will probably take the first one, it's not very technical. The second has a lot of math and circuitry in it, the FCC's way of compensating for dropping the Morse code requirement. I'm not planning on setting up a transmitter, but a receiver with a good antenna would be entertaining. I have a good scanner, but it's tedious setting the frequencies.

Lunch at an Indian pizza/subs place which used to be a Togo's and then was a failed American-style pizza & sports bar. The place was packed with soccer watchers. I had an Italian meatball sub, it was pretty good. The Indian pizza is nt as weird as it sounds. Naan is close to pizza dough, curry sauce replaces tomato sauce, toppings are similar but lamb and butter chicken instead of pepperoni. And of course veggie. My cashier was a rarity in Silicon Valley - an Indian-American with no trace of an Indian accent.

Stayed at work till 6:30 because it's closer to band practice than home is. Didn't make a difference because the route was full of construction delays, I'd have been better off going home and taking 101.

We played a lot more than usual, the rehearsal was a lot more organized than usual. Conductor handed out programs for Sunday's concert, and we played everything in that order. He skipped a couple of pieces we know well, worked the heck out of some of the problem passages. Skipped S&SF because we've played it the past 2 weeks and the tuba soloist was not there.

My upper lip hurts. Home, applied ice cream. It still hurts but now I've had ice cream.

Sad news - Howard Baker died today. One of the rare Republican senators with a spine and a sense of political morals. His choice of wifes was an indication of his greatness. The daughter of the legendary Sen. Everett Dirkson was his first. After she died of cancer, he married Sen. Nancy Kassebaum, daughter of Kansas Gov. Alf Landon. We don't just share a name, we also share a birthday.

Plans for tomorrow: