June 29th, 2014


She's In Recovery

Domino came out of hiding this morning while I was in the shower, jumped into the tub (separate from the shower) and sphinxed herself inside the rectangle of sunlight. This is a good sign that she is coming back to normal.

The photo doesn't show how very thin she is - from the top when she is standing up she almost disappears. I'm chalking that up to old age, since she isn't exhibiting any symptoms other than that. It's a lot more pronounced with no fur on.

Got to the concert venue 10 minutes before usual, but my parking space was already taken, thanks to something going on at the church and a birthday party in the park's garden house. I only had to park 10 feet further up the road.

There was some unplanned entertainment in the audience which kept me amused. One of the younger band members had invited his SO and two other couples, all very attractive people, and my money is on Stanford Engineering because they brought a picnic which was packed either by someone with OCD or an engineering degree. First out came small plates for everyone, then each got a container with a piece of pound cake, then an individual serving of whipped cream, another of strawberry jam, and after those were spread on the pound cake a container of blueberries was passed around. Then very nice wine glasses appeared already magically filed with rosé. I saw no bottle, I assumed individual survival kit packets. The three women were definitely eye candy, the two men would be if I was drawn that way.

For a change the director put the tubas in our row, between the baritones and the trombones. I didn't like it because the baris and the bones often play the same part, the tubas sometimes do but usually don't. Plus it was awkward for the five of them to squeeze their instruments past us. Tubas always are the last to be seated, because it's no fun holding those things on your lap.

It was a gorgeous day, a bit warm (86°) but there was a breeze and 95% of me was in the shade. I didn't play so well, and my lip gave out way too soon. But the rest of the gang did great, the audience applauded loud and long.

I didn't have anyone coming to see us, so I hightailed it out of there right away.

Home, kicked up the aircon to 74, and vegged out on the recliner with a bowl of ice cream to salve my lip. Domino joined me. For the record, she loves cherry ice cream. Licked the spoon clean a few times.

On the agenda for today was a trip to Lowe's to see if the sale on BBQs was worth it. The ones in front of the store were mostly too big, I found two inside which were a good size, but they are table top models without tables. The tables cost almost as much as the stove. Did not buy anything, mostly because I'm not a big barbecuer and couldn't justify $400 for one.

Home in time for the notice that the eBay auction for euphonium I bid on earlier in the day was ending, and I was surprised I won it. For $25 less than my high bid. It'll be a while getting here, shipping from Philly. Also earlier today I bought an iPod Touch 4th gen (the last ones with the wide cable) for less than the 160GB Classic cost.

Dinner was in shifts. Mac and cheese frozen side from Safeway just is not the same kind of cheesy Kraft has. Also heated up a package of corn soup, which is a bit more spicy than I prefer but still pretty good. I may need something else after I type this.

The garbage has been taken out, including litterbox changing.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA because at least 3 regulars won't be there, maybe more as there are conventions elsewhere.