July 1st, 2014


Shouldn't They Just Be "GT"?

Taking a shower this morning, listening to the radio report on the gay pride parade, every other sentence, it seemed, contained at least one if not multiple references to The LGBT Community®. And I thought to myself, are not lesbians gay? And isn't it the gay component of bisexuals the part they are proud to out? So shouldn't we be calling this the GT community?
Just askin'

Woke up at 4 am with a reading of 60. It took 5 scoops of ice cream and almost an hour to recover. Didn't wake up again till 8, wasted too much time online and noticed it was 9:45 and somehow took my meds, packed a snack and got to work 5 minutes before the 10 o'clock meeting. 101 was not as filled with people Driving While Slow as usual. :-)

Today's Facebork reaction to the Hobby Lobby court case is a classic example of what we used to call Chinese Telephone. I guess now it's Asian-American Cell Phone. Or maybe just Innuendo And Out The Other.

I read the 48-page majority decision. In a nutshell it exempts small closely-held companies who have a religious conviction against them, from providing insurance coverage which gives four types of contraceptives FREE (out of the 20 the FDA approves). It does not prohibit anyone from buying them. It doesn't prohibit any entity from giving them away for free.

The four types are all "that may have the effect of preventing an already fertilized egg from developing any further by inhibiting its attachment to the uterus. Religious employers, such as churches, are exempt from this contraceptive mandate."

The whole ruling, including arguments and dissenting opinion is here.

I'm not jazzed by the ruling, but all it does is make people pay for a prescription which they had to pay for before the Affordable Care Act. The way the companies it applies to are defined, chances are that most of the women employed there would be against using these methods for religious reasons themselves.


In other FB news, the Hedy Lamarr Invents Wi-Fi meme is crapping all over some of my FB friends' pages once again. I posted something on my page which makes my disgust with the meme more personal. Because calling Hedy a mathemetician or the inventor of spread spectrum technology is like calling Fred Waring the inventor of the helicopter.

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Work was boring but it may get more interesting tomorrow because The Guy Who Talks Too Softly To Hear Even When I'm Sitting Next To Him invited me to run a boatload of video quality tests using bleeding edge pre-production board emulators. I used to do this kind of thing many moons ago, but in a much more organized lab with engineering managers who spoke in complete sentences. At Sony, I think.

Lunch was at Togo's because Monday's special is pastrami. And there were two new petite non-banded women there. I had to pretend to watch Germany not doing very well against Algeria to avoid being rude.

Home for a bit, wheeled the garbage bins back to the carport. No deliveries today.

Spent some time with Domino, who has decided the bath tub and the sofa are her new favorite spots. Took one final look at what was supposed to be home made sourdough starter, decided it looked way too much like a bottulism colony, and consigned it to the disposal and the bowl it was in to the dishwasher.

Then to BASFA, which was as sparsely attended as I'd hoped, with the extra attraction of johnnyeponymous presiding. I was on a roll, or two or three, used up my full $1 pre-paid pun tax. And also got some groaners in which were not puns. Came home with a couple of baseball caps (LA tourist and Nike), a glass baking pan exactly the same as the one I broke back in December, and a ceramic casserole which I think wll be the venue for my next attempt at sourdough starter.

Plans for tomorrow:


No show

Hustled to get to work by 9, which meant leaving Domino's latest outside-the-box effort in front of the office doors. The guy I was supposed to meet/get trained by sent a note at about 10:30 that he was too busy to do it today. Grrrr.

All hands meeting with the guy who is in charge of all video services engineering for the corporation. He didn't use the available mike, doesn't know how to project, has a thick Scottish accent, so if it wasn't for his simple and large typeface Powerpoint slides I would not have understood anything. Except somewhere in the middle there was a slide of his CV, made simple and in large type which showed he has a doctorate in artificial inteligence. Not on the paper, but blurted out loudly enough for me to hear,  he said he met his wife there, she is a year younger then him, and her doctorate was also in AI, and it was about an error he had made in his thesis. :-)

Part of the show was a presentation of a patent to one of our French engineers (he mostly works remotely), which could easily have referenced my Dad's patent, but didn't.

His timing sucked, it started at an hour into the USA-Belgium game (the part of the company I work for was founded by Belgians, Israelis and Americans). Luckily he kept it short, and the game went into extra innings. Big crowd in and around the lab - big screen in the lab showing the game (glass windows separate the lab from the hallway). Our excuse was we needed the verify the video quality. I was pleasantly surprised at the sportsmanship shown by many of the players, something FIFA is sorely lacking.

Our one English engineer couldn't take it, and went back to  her desk. I don't enjoy watching soccer, but even I could tell the USA goalie, whose surname is, appropriately, Howard, was magnificent. I later read he broke the World Cup record for saves in a single game.

 After the loss, the place went dead, but it was generally accepted that (a) it was a great game and (b) USA could be proud of getting that far. I still say it could have used a star goal-maker like Gretzky. Much easier to score with a big stick in your hand.

I had actually seen the start of the game elsewhere - I went to Round Table, expecting a crowd because they have about 16 screens and a pizza buffet. There was plenty of seating but they didn't keep up with the demand on the buffet, and I ended up leaving after only three small pieces. Felt gypped because they didn't have any of their apple cobbler pizza.

Drove a block away, dropped off the RMA defective iPod Classic I bought on eBay, then back to the office.

After work, back home, with A Mission™. I've been thinking about doing something about the T-shirt situation. I have a lot of them. Right now they are on shelves in closets and on a rack in the 2nd bedroom. Folded and in piles. The shelves do not pull out, and I sometimes have to take a whole stack out to find the one I am looking for. The hard answer is install drawers. The easy answer is pull out the drawers, pop in hanger bars and put them all on hangers.

So the first thing was to measure the spaces, in case drawers was the answer. But they are all different, and non-standard. Next was the question "how many T-shirts do I own, anyway?. So I counted them.
169 on the shelves, maybe 3 in the laundry hamper.
That's more shirts than I have hangers. But looking at the space they take up now I am pretty sure they can all fit on hangers if I remove the shelves. One can always buy hangers.

 In other research, I found on Yelp a new place to have my nails done, will check them out after work tomorrow. I was going to soak off the ones on there now, but got distracted by Famous in 12 after my Tivo slowed down and then rebooted itself. Also distracted by another pair of webcams showing up, one to replace a unit with dead wi-fi, and the other for a spare. It took an hour to configure it, and mount it above the tub. Domino is having a bad week after that grooming horror show, and the tub is her new obsession. The last 2 mornings she actually scratched at the bathroom door to tell me she wanted in. I keep the door closed at night because the street lamp outside the window is way bright.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - hope to do that video work
1-on-1 maybe but probably not
Check out the nails place