July 7th, 2014


Time Wastage

RailEurope web site, after misleading me about the value of rail passes for a 5-day trip, wouldn't accept any of my credit cards. Wasted two hours.

Booked my London-Brussels Eurotrain ride on their site, but they don't go to the other leg of my trip, Reims.

Will probably have plenty of time to find another site tomorrow to book those on.

What triggered the booking frenzy was email from my London cousin with the dates I can be their guest. Turns out the weekend after Worldcon is their anniversary and one's birthday. So I'll get on a train to Brussels the day after the con, spend 2 nights there and then speed down to Reims because on my List ever since Medieval History class, is to see and photograph the rose window there. Amazing stained glass. Also, lots of kings were crowned there. So overnight there and then back to London.

Mostly wasted the day, spent a lot of armchair time with Domino, when she wasn't in the bathroom or on the kitchen table working on her tan. She is so skinny I have started giving her small doses of canned food again. So far she has kept it down, which is a Good Sign.

Headed to Baylands park to sit on my camp chair and read, but went Plan B, to Milpitas Walmart, because online it looked like they had dehydrated self-heating emergency rations. The building is being expanded, and something huge is also being built at the end of the parking lot. Inside the store was a mess, everything is relocated except the signage. Took forever to find the camping stuff, which is where the rations were. They only had two versions of the same brand, both buckets had 12 meals, but only one meal was not a breakfast or fruit. FAIL. Got two empty 5-gal water jugs and 1-gal jugs with drinking water in them, and water purifier tablets. And extra propane for my camp stove.

Next stop was Baylands, expected to pay $6 parking fee, but holiday weekend it was free, and there was an RC plane/copter meet. Kicking myself for not having my camera. Phone and Nexus video couldn't keep focused. It got cold and windy quickly, so I left.

Next stop, Target, they had nothing emergency-like at all. I got plastic wrap, and some chocolate.

Heading home, stopped at Fresh & Easy for ice cream, also got strawberries ($1.99 for a big container) grapes and cherries. Gotta go easy on the cherries, they defeat my Immodium regimen.

Home, thought about where the emergency water would go. The 5-gallon jugs needed to be in the storage shed, and to do that, I had to re-install a shelf and relocate the cans of paint from the floor to the shelf so there was room on the floor behind the shed door. Filled each jug, added a teaspoon of bleach to each, capped them, shook them up a bit and put them into the shed. The jugs have handles, 5 gallons doesn't weigh that much.

Cleared a space in the laundry room cabinets for the 1-gallon jugs. Put everything else in the shed with the rest of my camping gear.

It was pretty hot outside, hotter in the shed, so my next job was to set the aircon to 74° and hydrate in the recliner to mindless TV. Domino got another dollop of canned food.

Took out the garbage, cut up this week's shipping boxes  and bundled them for recycling. Been doing a lot of recycling ever since I noticed the symbol on all the frozen dinner trays, and the boxes are also recyclable as long as they aren't waxed. I think that's just beverage containers they do that with. Part of taking out the garbage each week is changing the litterbox cartridge. Domino keeps peeing in the same spot, even if I rotate the litterbox. Makes it tough for the absorbing crystals to do the job. Funny, because when  Pumpkin was around, two litterboxes lasted almost a month.

Got email this evening that one of the people I was fondest of during my NorCal Peace Corps Alumni group days had a heart attack while walking with his wife, and died. Celebration of Life a week from Thursday in Walnut Creek, I'll be going to that. I'm pretty sure he was about 10 years older than me. Young by 21st Century standards.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Boss is on vacation, no new software due till the 10th.
BASFA, maybe. It'll be crowded with people chirping about Utah.