July 8th, 2014


Short Story Short

Work: What used to be a decent team meeting is now a boring 3-team meeting hijacked by The Guy Who Mumbles. He decided to write everything on the whiteboard as if he was elected secretary AND chaircreature.

Nothing to do after, because the PC in the demo room was locked.

Spent the time booking my London-Brussels-Reims-London adventure. Had already booked the first leg and hotel on Eurostar's site, because they had no problem with my Visa card.
Did the rest of the bookings on RailEurope after a quick test showed that while they denied my perfectly good Visa & Discover, they accepted Amex. Visa and Discover give cash back which can be used for anything, any time, but Amex only gives me a Costco voucher, once a year.

At about 4, I checked the demo room again, the PC was unlocked but not set up right. At 5, it was set up right, and I was able to spend half an hour running video of various resolutions through the test board and out a pair of set-top boxes. I have not been given a test plan, so after confirming it worked at every rez, there was nothing left to do.

Home at 6, gave Domino her dry treats, laid down on the bed and set it to zero-G mode, and actually slept till almost 7:30.

Then off to basfa which was well attended except none of the officers showed up, so the minions of evil volunteered to run the meeting, and did a fine job. At auction I bought a framed classic Peanuts comic strip which resonated with me, being about Charlie's lousy handwriting and Linus' explanation of how the handwriting textbook is basically Photoshopped. But using 30-years-ago jargon.

Was not pleased with the rumor of the week, it was only voted in because everyone wanted to bail. And as usual, after expressing such wishes to adjourn, only two of us actually left.

Home, gave Domino some canned food, fed the experimental sourdough starter in the mason jar (the official starter experiment is a much larger lump, in a 3-qt ceramic bowl). The official bowl is now 5 days old, and the instructions say to leave it for a week.

At the carport door was a very heavy little package which, when opened, revealed three 5-lb sacks of rye flour. So I'm ready to make bread, probably next weekend.

In the mailbox was a T-shirt I had ordered which online looked like a decent rip-off of a Tim Howard Team USA jersey, but it's a total piece of crap. I will have to order an official one, I guess. Hate to pay that much, but there are only so many sports stars on a team I can sup0port, who share my name.

The new iPod Touch in the car is significantly higher fidelity than the Classic it replaced. It even makes lemmozine sound good better. Playing one of the albums with old timey songs, and I love the finger picking.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meetup of songwriters/producers in Los Altos