July 17th, 2014


Nothing Day At Work

Engineer did not connect with me, I had nothing to do at work all day. Looked through all the other bug fixes for the build, but they were all claimed by others.

The guy boss put in charge in his absence is over-stepping his bounds. Chastising people in other departments for not meeting his expectations. If I ever have a 1-on-1 with boss, I'll let him know that power corrupts.

Lunch was not taken, instead I went to Home Depot to see if they had thyme plants for sale. I'd done some research on the mater gardeners' water wise site, which claims thyme is exactly the plant I am looking for to replace the strawberries. It needs full sun, minimal water, spreads quickly, attracts bees & hummingbirds. And an extra for me is I love using it as a spice.

My plan this morning was to go for a massage after work,  at the place near work. But I brain-farted and headed for Safeway instead. Plan A kicked in just in time to veer right towards the massage place near where I used to live, but between the burger place, the Indian restaurants and mostly the fitness center, there was no parking and lots of vultures, so I went back to the massage place near work. That killed an hour, traffic was less insane, except I passed right by the turn I wanted because 50 other cars were lined up there, I ended up making a u-turn a mile past.

Shopping was mostly for frozen dinners and ding dongs. And bananas. For once I did not buy more than fit in the freezer.

Home at 8:30, fed the sourdough starter again (I'd fed it before leaving for work). I think the filtered water and dumping half the starter each time are the keys, because both jars had doubled in bulk before being stirred down.

Plans for tomorrow:
Taking the day off
Attending a Celebration of Life. Phil Liston was one of those quietly effective leaders in the NorCal Returned Peace Corps Volunteers group. I was on the board 1987-92, and a member for a couple of years prior, then again for a couple of years when I returned to the Bay Area in 2000. For almost all of that time, he was in charge of the speakers' bureau, he was also on the grants committee and for a while when I wasn't active he was president. I had not seen him in years, I dropped out of the group completely about 10 years ago, and saw him at the annual picnic once or twice soon after that. He had a heart attack while taking a walk with his wife. Totally unexpected, he was a calm fellow in good shape for his age, 72. His obit is here.
YOTB rehearsal