July 23rd, 2014


2's Dae

Woke to the radio alarm, KNBR, at the lead-in to a special interview with Mike Krukow, one of their baseball analysts. Normally they would be talking about the upcoming game, but today was a different kind of coming out. Mike revealed he has a degenerative muscle disease, which will eventually land him in a wheel chair. But he's not letting this put a damper on his radio career. It hasn't affected his voice, and he has discovered ramps and elevators. It could have been pretty humbling for a tall, athletic long-time MLB pitcher. I was impressed.

Work, once again I thought my machine had been hijacked, but it turned out that someone else's machine was still sending me update messages. Now I'm puzzled, because the test I was running halted by itself. I didn't think it was supposed to. Will ask the engineer tomorrow if it happens again. Meanwhile I changed all the passwords on it, just in case. And that reminded me it was time to change my corporate password too. A variation on CompanyName666. :-)

Lunch at Carl's, tried the chicken bacon swiss thing. It was okay.

Back at work, killed time until 4, when it was time to give my PPT presentation, a demo of a test setup Engineering asked for our help with. Guy Who Never Shut Up had to be THEATER PROJECTION VOICEd a couple of times. Otherwise he would have never stopped talking. He doesn't have the "pause for people to reply" feature. Guy Who Knows Everything tried to reverse engineer the setup, well past what it's meant to do. In a nutshell, it tests video quality at three resolutions, one at a time, on a prototype board. In theory the board can do a lot more than that, and Guy Who Knows Everything had to be talked down from his expectations which went way beyond the scope of the presentation.

It was a good half hour, well received. Boss helped, added some behind the scenes info I sort of knew but forgot about.

From work to Sunnyvale downtown, sat on a bench in the sun reading the novel Nexus on my Nexus 7. At 7 it was time to get my nails done. I like this place. I had wanted to come tomorrow, but they reminded me the free music a block away would foo the traffic/parking. They do a good job, use quality acrylic, and the price is reasonable.

Home by way of World Oil, filled the tank, was disappointed that the car only got 27 mpg despite the long drive to/from Walnut Creek.

It was cloudy and windy and cooler when I got home, so I watered my garden, and my rose garden. The roses are not blooming, but none of them are dead. The catmints around them are starting to green up.

In the mail, finally, was my dual-country SIM, which set off an OCD reaction. It was the last thing related to my trip which I was waiting for, so I went online in into my email and printed out all the eTickets, my travel insurance doc, hotel reservation confirmations, etc. I have the pertinent info in a doc on my phone, but paper comes in handy on these trips.

20 days and counting.

Also went online again to AT&T's site to request both phones be unlocked. Something went wrong the first time, I never got the critical email response. Unlocking the current phone to use with the new SIM, and the other phone will fetch more on eBay unlocked.

Also delivered was a set of 4 towels-in-a-can for my UK cousin with MS. They are supposed to cool without needing to be refrigerated. Requested by her mum. $14 each on Amazon, free shipping. $29 in the UK, plus shipping. Also received a right-sized colorful sleeve for the Nexus. The armored one is annoying, it keeps powering up the tablet when I want it to be off. And it's heavier than the tablet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Click-Away - where's my phone?

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Need to sleep Real Soon Now, so micro-update:
- Work bug chase got complicated, tune in again tomorrow
- Phone repair place is still waiting for the part. Should have been done by now.
- Aircon installer says there is nothing more I need to do about the permit.
- Note from park manager to clean up the bird seed on my porch "because it attracts squirrels." A neat trick, since there are none.
- Bingo. Paid $10, got skunked. One woman  won 4 rounds (out of 8)

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB (bring Elizabeth a jar of sourdough starter)