July 30th, 2014


You Are Getting Sleepy...

Ay ya! as they say in Chinese. Tonight I finally got to doing the project of adding credits to the end of the Little Shop of Horrors video, and exporting it to Blu-ray. I had added 37 chapter marks, was down to the last three when I hit several keys at once by mistake, it locked up the screen, and when I hit escape to clear it, all the chapters were gone. :-(

So I took a dinner break (at about 11) and started all over again. The program is now rendering, and is set to make 5 DVDs. Before I put in the 2nd disc I'll check the first one, because I'm not 100% sure the chapters took the second time, either.

And boy am I sleepy. Woke up at 6:30 and again at 7 and rushed through my morning doings to be out of the house before 8:30, when the power was due to go out. And it did, my webcams didn't respond. That's all I have punched through the firewall, so I couldn't check if the UPS kept the cable modem and router powered up.

Busy busy busy at work for a change, working thorough tests I wrote so long ago that 1/3 of them are no longer valid. Filed many bugs, embarrassed at least three engineers and baffled two others. And I'm not done yet.

Lunch was at the bad Chinese food place next to Jamba Juice next to Starbucks across from somethingberry which is usually eye candy central, but today not so much. Way too many women with too many children, way too many alleged men in monster trucks (there's a Mexican food place there too. Not that those men are Hispanic, they're mostly from border states where what I call a pickup they call "my truck".)

Stopped at Lowe's on the way home and found a bird feeder which doesn't have a splash tray at the bottom, hoping it will cure the problem of seeds all over the porch, even though the feeder hangs out over the hedges. Did not find a long swinging bracket, or any swinging brackets, to replace the too-short one the feeder was on. Wasted an hour in there.

Home, because the photo shoot was canceled after all (got my refund too), decided the gardens needed no extra water. There was almost not hummingbird feeder juice used, I chalked that up to cheating and filling the new feeder last night with the dregs of the old feeder. So I washed that out and refilled it with the 2nd 3rd of the juice I mixed up the other day. And sat on the porch and watched the little hummers look but not touch. I had been in the fridge, must have been too cold. About an hour later I went out again and there was a lot of action. Looking closer, these are indeed Anna's species, but they are way small and not as colorful as usual. Probably tough in this drought.

The only clocks I needed to reset were the ones on the microwave and a battery backed up one on the TV stand. It had the right time, but it was flashing anyway. The dishwasher lights were flashing too, closing the re-opening the door fixed that. Aircon was running, as were all my Internet radios. The livingroom Tivo had taken advantage of the reboot to install new software. Much cleaner look & feel, but noticeably slower response times. Funny because they claimed it would run faster now.

Haven't checked the one in the bedroom, it's a different model so may not have upgraded.

Plans for tomorrow:
Duck out at about 1 to meet up with my former best theater buddy. Former because a decade or so ago he moved Back East, quit doing theater to be a government bigwig and raise his two boys. Third marriage, this is the first one he has kids of his own. Out of the three, only the first made any sense to me. Anyhow, he's on his way to Hawaii to celebrate his birthday, and originally had invited me to a major family reunion (we used to be THAT close) in mid-August but I'll be at Worldcon. I'll miss seeing his folks, they are special. His mom and I were on stage together once, his dad and I had some interesting chats about his antique Apple DOS machine. Or maybe it was CP/M.