August 5th, 2014


Bread FAIL

This morning when I took the towel off the bread pans, the dough had risen enough to leave some of itself on the towel. I should have punched it down, but went to work instead, baked the loaves when I came back from work. In the oven it shrunk a little, and while it was edible and not a brick, it was all crumbly, and the caraway seeds were like pebbles. Maybe I should have soaked them before putting them in.  The dough was sour enough, but too chewy. It didn't slice, it just disintegrated under the knife.

My verdict is rye is not going to work, I need to switch to white for sourdough.

Work had some moments. Boss told me to give feedback on a tech tip for something I don't think ought to be given to customers, not matter how many disclaimers there are. Boo hiss.

Had an amusing engineering event - a case of the project manager and engineer both failing to actually read the bug I was telling them was not fixed. Engineer came back with something on a completely different topic.

Lunch at Denny's. Unusually fast service. Unusually attractive well-endowed young woman facing me at the next table, an Older Woman with her back to me between us. I tried not to stare. Still reading the final Campbell Award nominee's novel. I already voted for him.

Straight home, put the bread in the oven, 325° for 25 minutes. Poke test passed but it was still a bit undone on the inside, so 10 more minutes. Smelled wonderful, tasted sour enough but grainy. Will try again Some Other Time, maybe after my trip.

Used the bake time to refill the hummingbird feeder which was completely drained and the bird feeder which still had stuff left but needed to be taped so it wasn't over the porch.

As soon as I hung up the hummer feeder, two of them flew up, but scooted back to the tree across the street until I was out of sight.

After the baking was done I sat on the porch and watched a very colorful sunset again.

And I also used the time to start the long process of making a PAL regular DVD. Had to create a much smaller video file and do all the chapter markers and authoring all over again. Those are burning as I type. Burning these goes faster because the files are much smaller and I have two identical non-blu drives, so can burn two at once. Probably could burn three, since the blu burner is an everything burner.

I should be able to take that project and make NTSC DVDs as well, but so far everyone I know has a blu-ray player.

So basically I'm done with this project.

ThinkGeek PJs and robe finally arrived. The Star Trek PJs fit well enough (pants are a little long) and I look marginally ridiculous in them, but that's the point. The TARDIS PJs are a flannel jumpsuit which has detachable booties. It is way too warm, and while easy to get into it looks totally ridiculous on me and is a chore to take off. The robe, which allegedly is "one size fits most" and is supposed to be large enough for my waist size + 2", was too small by about 4". It took half an hour on ThinkGeek's chat to get an RMA# and a shipping label. :-(

Dinner was late -11 - small Safeway frozen dinner, BBQ pulled pork with MacNcheese as a side, the pork was way spicy.

Plans for tomorrow:
Songwriters' meetup in Los Altos