August 12th, 2014



I had three things on my last minute shopping list. I needed more self-laminating luggage tags for the new calling card, another 1-week pill box for my 2 weeks of meds, and a body cap for my camera.

All three were online at Staples. Their site doesn't tell you if they are in stock in the store, so I slogged through rush hour traffic to get to the one on the other side of the airport. Entering the store, it seemed odd that they would have a BBQ stand and clearance athletic gear out front. Inside it was all lawn furniture and accessories. Nice man greeted me and saw my confusion and told me Staples had moved a mile further down the road.

Went there, it is next to the new soon-to-be Earthquakes soccer stadium which looks like Seattle's municipal stadium (where the Sounders played before there was a real stadium downtown). Staples guy found where the tags should be, they were out. The other two items were online only.

So, back the way I came, stopped in at Walgreen's, they had the pill box, but no tags and no body cap. No camera department. Final try, Fry's, where they had enough tags for me to take 4 5-packs and barely make a dent. No body cap on display, but lots of lens caps. As usual, one obnoxious customer was taking up the to department helpers' full attention, and looked like this would go on all day.

But I did find a flexible back case for the phone, a neoprene case for the Nexus and a travel charger for Nikon batteries. I already had one, but they tend to die, so 2 is a good idea. One other thing Fry's had tons of was SIM cards, but most of them were for foreigners using their unlocked phones in the USA. It took a while to pick out the Nexus sleeve because two other guys were aggressively opening packages and blocking my view/access. Blame Fry's' abysmal organizing scheme and total lack of putting things back where they belong after customers randomize them.

Home, looked in my D300 and D90 original boxes, no body cap. Pulled out the olde pelican case with the 4 snap fasteners which need superhuman strength to open, popped it open, and beneath a lens shade there was a body cap and one for the camera side of a lens. Both are universal for Nikon. So I was able to dig the camera out of the knapsack and put the real body cap on it.

Long story short, I am all packed, except for two USB cables which are charging the phone and the Nexus. And the Nexus, which may or may not fit in the knapsack, but will fit in the carry-on suitcase in a pinch. But I don't want to do that because (a) I have to take it out for TSA and (b) I want to read on the plane. I may be able to fit it in my back pocket sans sleeve (put the sleeve in the big carry-on).
Woke up at my usual 7:30 and while I was in the shower I was feeling like I had low blood sugar. Yup, 84. Very small early dinner, a wee bit too much overnight insulin. Had a Klondike bar for dessert.
Early to work, got some work done before the staff meeting. Pretty boring meeting. Almost broke up before I could announce my vacation, but the team was jazzed that I'll be seeing two ex-team members in Belgium.

We got a new build over the weekend, so there was a little bit of stuff to do, but not much. They didn't fix my main feature.

Noon I ducked out, went home, Domino went into her carrier with almost no argument, and I was able to check her into the Pet Hotel in Mountain View with only about a 5 minute wait for other customers. One was leaving a yappy little dog, another was picking up a horse with very long fur and canine teeth.

The fax I sent of Domino's shots was good enough for them, didn;t need to copy anything I'd brought. I brought along a bag of her treats and her favorite bed. She'll be fine, and I won't have a house full of cat poo.

Got email from BA that I could reserve my seats for the LA flights, but they lied. It looks like the plane to LA is sold out, except for one exit row and two bulkhead seats. It would not let me reserve them, even if I paid for them. Apparently my flight, which is via AA but on a Canada Tinyplane craft, cannot be changed online. This makes me very nervous. It does show a seat reserved for the LAX-SJC return leg.

And there you have it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fly to LA, switch planes and fly to England.

Robin Williams

There are no words. With great talent often comes great insanity. A large part of his talent was having no fear of appearing insane. Few can pull that off. Fewer can pull that off and also perform sane roles.

Out of all his movies, and I've only seen about half of them, the one which stands out in my mind head and shoulders above the rest is
One Hour Photo.
What impressed me most is how out of character for him his character was. Totally against type. And he nailed it.

But so many stellar performances!
Moscow on the Hudson
Good Morning, Vietnam
Dead Poets' Society
The Fisher King
Mrs. Doubtfire
Being Human
The Birdcage
Goodwill Hunting
Patch Adams
Jakob the Liar
Bicentennial Man

and the list goes on.

One thing which surprised me in the barrage of tributes is he was from Chicago. His home and much of his early work was here in the SF Bay Area, I thought he was from here.

He was 5 months younger than me. :-(