August 28th, 2014


Still Treading Water

Doctor appointment went well, she says it's just a callus. Changing from sandals to sneakers has already made it better. Blood pressure was a bit high, don't know why.

Work was good, got new builds for two projects, had a couple of bug which failed in a different way than the last build.

Lunch at Togo's, the new gal forgot the Reuben is supposed to be heated. All the hot chicks behind the counter have rotated out. Maybe gone back to college.

After work I went to the nearby UCSC extension center, to hear about their Teaching  English to Speakers of Other Languages  (TESOL) certificate program. It was actually a combined presentation for four different cert programs. The presenter was the TESOL rep, and she phoned it in. Threw the PR slides onto the screen, made it full screen then realized she had not printed out the notes, so she went back to regular view mode and read them to us, poorly. She had never seen them before, it seems.

Then she called on the one student who deigned to show up, to tell about the online class experience, and this woman with a heavily accented, very shrill voice took off on a lightning speed dash across the universe and the presenter allowed it to go on for 10 minutes. The whole spiel was lost on me and the woman next to me, we have no phobia about online classes, and no lack of self image.

When she was done the presenter ditched the talk she was supposed to give describing the four courses, and called for a break. Me and other woman made a dash for our cars.

They had given us the catalog, and the courses I was interested they wanted $590 and $780 for, for only 4 or 5 class sessions. Obscene, even if the teachers were worthwhile, which she was not.

Home, if I hurried I could just make it to YOTB rehearsals, but having missed all the other ones this month I wasn't up for the concert Sunday, so I stayed home, watched some 49ers football, and some TMZ, and worked on processing photos.

Got the first 4 days of London on Flickr, well, sort of because I didn't take out the camera for Day 2.

Fan "party" area

The Crystal. Some sort of modern living demo, across from the hotel. Emerites Air Line gondolas overhead

Opening ceremonies, johno introduces the Hugo award design

Kids build a TARDIS

More stuff on flickr here.

Plans for tomorrow:
Spamalot at City Lights