August 31st, 2014



I had no plans for today. And no motivation at all.

In my wallet was some "extra" cash from exchanging my pounds and euros, so on impulse I got into the car and started driving toward my favorite massage place. But what was I thinking? I can't go for a massage, my left arm still hurts like a sunofagun from the shingles shot I got Thursday. Massage would be painful. So took the first U-turn and went for Plan B, the local Specialty's, which has a very nice fruit cup and lovely sticky bun.

Lots of eye candy, this place being on the ground floor of a high-class apartment complex. Read from my Kindle intermittently.

Then home.

Five recent additions to the car port strip garden were well and truly dead, I pulled those out and dumped them into the garbage. Also pulled the dead dwarf lime tree out of its planter, and set it in the sun to dry out the dirt which was clinging to its roots. You would think that a plant with moist potting soil around its roots wouldn't fry completely. But it did.

Bored, I went to the BatCave Starbucks, had half a mocha and did some stuff on my GoDaddy account on the laptop, also applied the latest Windoze update. No much eye candy there, so packed it in early and walked across the parking lot to the KFC, got a bucket special with mashed potatoes and cole slaw, put that in the car and walked the other way to Lucky's, and stocked up on frozen foods, milk and turkey franks.

Somewhere in there Janice texted asking to meet for coffee at 5.

Home, put stuff away, sat in the recliner with Domino for a while, then went to MV & Starbucks. Got some reading done and then a long chat with J.

Back home, watered the plants (the rose garden is blooming again),  took out the garbage, did some Facebooking, checked that my automatic backups worked (they did) and here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
Labor Day, no work. Maybe a movie? Maybe get some compost and water-wise plants try gardening the right way?