September 1st, 2014


Un Jour De Jardine

Many plants installed just before my trip died in the interim, due to very hot sunny days and no water. They were all "water wise" plants, and really should have survived. India mint, lavender and a blue flowering creeper which I don't think I ever knew the name of. My Thai lime tree also fried, even though I had moved it to what I thought was a more shaded part of the carport.

Against my better judgment, because it is still hot and dry and sunny, I went to Lowe's, got two sacks of top soil, and a flat of creeping rosemary, one of sedum, and one of creeping thyme.

Home, I pulled out the one dying flat of iceplant, shoveled all the dirt and wood chips out from that section, dumped in a sackworth of top soil, tipped the sedum out of its container and planted it haphazardly in the soil. Haphazardly because the flat had not developed a root system, and the small plant were still mostly individuals stuck into loose potting soil.

That was too much work, and there was plenty of mulch where the lavender and mint had been, so I merely dug a rectangle for each, and since there was a root system already growing out the bottom of the flat container, I kept them in the container and filled the soil around them. I also moved a couple of struggling strawberries over where the one dead blue plant had been. Watered them all well, despite the fact that it was mid afternoon and too hot to be using water.

After cooling off in front of the TV, in the air conditioned house with a fan pointed at me, I looked at the other side of the house and the rose garden. Three of the five bushes have roses again, one bush (a tall stem on a stake) was very alive but not flowering, one shorter bush is mostly dead, but has a bunch of living leaves at the base.

There is room for at least one, maybe two rose bushes, and two more catmints plants.

Off to Lowe's again. bought two red rose bushes, and two small flowering sage plants, the same color as the catmints (I didn't see any catmints, and I have had a lot of luck previously with sage). Home, parked those in the shade alongside house at the end of the carport, because this time I'll wait till about 6:30 and shade time to plant.

Inside, watched more TV, scheduled to record Dr. Who (I had killed that Tivo Season Pass when Matt Smith became the Dr.) and watched the first half of last weekend's 49ers game.

6:30, I planted the roses and the sage. I'm not sure how it happened, because I know I didn't step on them, but the sage plants look like they were stepped on. Broken stems on both of them. Probably was too rough pulling them out of the plastic buckets. I think they'll survive. Watered everything in that garden plot very well.

Time for BASFA, where I was able to give johnnyeponymous a auction item I'd bought in his name a couple of months ago.

He left well before the meeting started,  when there were no other officers around. dave_gallaher showed up in time to run the meeting.

It went well, but Diane had brought a wagonload of books for the auction, which previously only had two small items. I bailed just before auctions because I don't do paper books anymore, and D's non-consideration for the members pisses me off. Most of her books end up going for 25 cents and taken to Goodwill. She'd do better to take them there herself.


Plans for tomorrow:
songwriters' meetup